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Blimey, A Year Already



Well I have just read my last blog entry and realised that I never actually gove everyone the wonderful news via my blog *slaps forehead*!

Well I can of course confirm that Daniel was born a year to the day. He had his Birthday Party on Saturday and it was a quietish affair attended by family and friends. I have quickly come to the conclusion that buying toddlers expensive presents with a fine array of sparkly colours and fantastically lifelike noises is pointless. I have never seen a child get some much exitement from a plastic net bag that originally contained a vast variation of Mega Blocks. Then there was the Cardboard box and plastic tray that contained his magnetic building blocks......

I have therefore decided that I shall not be recycling until after Christmas, all toilet roll inserts, empty chicken storage trays and general packaging will be wrapped up for Daniel's second Christmas. This should save us about £500.

Well he seemed to really enjoy his party, so much going on, so many pressies and so much food. We got some great video footage of his twin cousins opening all his presents as he didn't seem to get past the first, and there was a lack of patience amongst the remaining children. We did establish that he is very generous and let everyone else play with his toys (not that he had a choice, kids will be kids) whilst he played 'Peek a Boo' with the remainder of guests from under the Dining table.

So all in all a fantastic day and a stressfull, worrying and scary but fantastic first year.

Please revisit in a year for my next blog entry!


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Is it really a year since he was born !!!

It's amazing what toddlers find fun to play with.
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Cheers mate, try not to be. Hoping to spend a but more time on here now that Daniel is a bit more settled.
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I know Katie, a year already, time has really flown. I am rapidly learning that simple things please little minds. How educational a piece of cardboard can be stuns me!
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Welcome back, am pleased to hear all is well in the world of the dazzling shirted one!

Pictures are needed Dazza for the broody members of NW (ie me!)
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Lol, thanks SR I will be posting some new photo's shortly, he has changed so much you won't recognise him.
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