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2009 Movies The Good, Bad And Down Right Shocking



Their was some great movies on in 2009. I want to the cinema more times then ever before. Below is my top 5 movies of the year and the top 5 worst movies.

All the films will be rated outta 5.
Top 5[/b]

1. Star Trek ***** - Best movie of the year by far. not a star trek fan. but this blew me away loved the cast everything.
2. Zombieland ***** - Up their as the surprise find of the year. Great movie very funny and I really recommend this
3. The hurt Locker **** - Another surprise of movie and what a tense film, left me absolutely gripped. It really ramped up this emotions and left me feeling emotional for days after.
4. Watchman **** - My first film in Imax in Manchester great movie and great cast, not everyone's cup of tea mind, but still up with the best.
5. Slumdog millionaire - Great movie, great actors and interesting plot.
Bottom 5[/b]

1, Inkheart+ * - Worst movie of the year pure crap I was bored stupid watching this.
2, Transformers revenge of the fallen ** - Not a patch on the first movie, Im a big fan of special affects but it was to much and I came out feeling deflated.
3. Up ** - I think their can be at times to much expectation on pixar films and I know a lot people loved this movie, but I really didn't enjoy it.
4. Bolt ** - it was a pretty decent kids film. totally ruined by 3D I hate 3D and I hate having to ware stupid glasses.
5. Marley and me++ - ** - it was not a bad movie at the start but as soon as you got towards the end you knew what was going to happen. it was over the top and stupid and could have been so much better.

+ I know it came out in 2008 but I saw it in 2009 at the cinema.
++ I only saw it on dvd but had to be included in the list, I could not have not had in their.
Honorable mentions[/b]

District 9 - ***
Sunshine cleaning - ***
17 again - ***
The wrestler - ***
invention of lying - ***

Please feel free to add any comments or feedback.

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