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Snow Forecast Update

Thunder Snow


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[b]Heavy snow is now affecting the South West and Southern Wales, there has been quite a few cms to low lying areas with more over higher ground. I think now that in the areas mentioned above the snow is mainly becoming light to moderate falls in nature, however there will still be heavier bursts at times. Amounts of snow and warnings can be found in my earlier blog entry.

Along the backside of this front it MAY start turning back to rain and with milder temperatures to follow, South Western area may see a quick thaw through tomorrow and the rest of the week.

As we move further into this evening the band will slowly make its way North, but at the moment its still a nowcast event. Which means theres still uncertainty into what may happen. However im expecting the band to stall fizzle and weaken near Birmingham. So some snow showers (light in nature) may effect Northern areas of England/Central areas of England and perhaps the South East. Across Northern areas of Scotland and England showers maybe heavy at times over the hills.

Into to tomorrow and i think it will be a cloudy day with a fair few wintry showers around for most areas of the UK. Dry towards the South-West[/b]


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