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Northerly Incoming

Thunder Snow


[u][b]Northerly Incoming[/u]

Well after a fairly mild period of weather, its going to turn colder from the North with some snow showers possible. Back to this afternoon and its a mixed bag of weather, with cloud and rain showers to the West and clearer skies towards the East. For the South and South East it will be a mainly dry and bright day for many of these areas, however there may be a few light showers towards Eastern coastal areas. For Wales and the South West it will be a mainly cloudy afternoon with limited brightness if any at all, then as we move towards dusk and into this evening rain will begin to push into the far North of Wales.

For Northern Ireland and Northern England again it will be cloudy afternoon with some showers at first, however a more period of general rain will begin to move into these areas later this evening. For Scotland it will be a wet and cold day with snow over the mountains, this is likely to be heavy at times. I think in heavier bursts we could see something wintry to lower ground, with maybe a cm or two settling in places. Wherever you are today it will feel cold, more so in the wind.

As we move into the overnight period a band of rain will move in from the North West, this again will be wintry over the hills of Northern England and Scotland, and possibly to some lower levels for a time during heavier bursts. The rain will be heaviest towards the West and Northern Ireland, and lighter towards the East. The rain will continue to push towards the South East, moving across Wales/Central England and Southern areas. This again could be wintry over the highest ground of Wales. However as the rain moves through Northern areas, skies will begin to clear allowing temperatures to drop and an ice risk will develop for Friday morning (see weather watch).

For Friday it will be a much brighter day for many areas of the UK, any cloudy and showers left over across Southern/Central and South Eastern areas will be slow to clear. As we move trough the day the Northerly flow will allow some wintry showers to flirt with Northern Scotland/Eastern coast and Western coasts at times.

Wherever you are it will feel cold, especially in that Northerly wind. Friday will see a widespread frost develop just about everywhere, again where any showers have fallen there will be an ice risk. For the South West and Southern Wales, some showers may effect these areas through Friday night into Saturday morning.

Further ahead there will be further wintry showers effecting mainly coastal areas and Northern Scotland, however at this stage i don't think snow is going to be a cause of concern during this cold snap.

[color="#FF8C00"]WEATHER WATCH:

Scotland, Northern Ireland,Northern England, Northern Wales and possibly Eastern areas of England

A band of rain will move across these areas overnight, however as the rain clear the air behind will be much colder. As skies clear behind this system ice is likely to be a problem. So please take care when driving during tomorrow morning.[/color][/b]


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