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Cold With Snow For Some

Thunder Snow


[size="5"][b]Cold With Snow For Some[/b][/size]

[b]During the next few days we are going to see mild air try to move up from the South, and with cold air moving down from the North theres going to be a battle. Snow is going to be a concern for Northern England/Scotland/Northern Ireland and some Central and Eastern areas for a time tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours.

Back to today and its a mixed bag of weather, with some wintry showers for Northern areas of Scotland these will be heavy at times with accumulations over the higher routes and possibly lower levels for a time.

For Southern Scotland most of this mornings cloud should have moved South, leaving a mostly bright afternoon but feeling cold. For Northern Ireland i think it will remain cloudy with some rain showers at times, these possibly wintry over the highest hills. For Northern England after a cloudy and wet start, the cloud and showers will push Southwards. These may turn wintry as the front begins to clear.

For Wales/Southern areas/The South West and the South East it will be a mostly cloudy and a damp end to the day and for the overnight period for most of these areas. As we move towards dawn a front will push in from the South West, bringing a spell of rain to Wales/Southern areas/The South West and the South East.

For Central areas of England it will be a damp/cloudy and cold end to the day, but as we move towards the overnight period the cloud and rain will keep moving towards the South.

Now for Scotland/Ireland/Central/Eastern areas of England and Northern England where rain/sleet or snow has fallen ice will be a risk through tomorrow morning.

For tomorrow a band of rain will begin to move in from the South west, this will travel towards the North East during the day and a battle between mild and cold will begin. For the South West/Southern Britain and the South East it will be a damp day through-out with the odd heavier burst possible, but i don't think snow will be any concern for these areas. For Wales it will be again mostly rain, with some snow possible over the Northern hills of Wales. However im not ruling out some wintriness to low lying areas, it all depends how for the cold air gets. For Northern Ireland there will snow at first, giving a small covering in places. However the snow will start to turn back to rain as the milder air moves in.

For Northern England and Southern Scotland it will be a cold start to the day, with an early frost. As we move through the morning and into the afternoon it will begin to cloud over, snow is likely to fall over these areas giving totals of 2-5cm to lower ground and as much as 10cm over the hills. The snow will then move over Northern Scotland turning lighter as it does, then the band of snow will cross over the mountains of Northern England and then into Eastern England overnight giving a further covering in places.

Further ahead the band of snow will move through fairly quickly during Wednesday evening leaving some clear skies, so it may turn icy for a time where snow has fallen. Then i think it will turn milder from the South West, with further band of rain moving in from the South West.[/b]
Weather Watch: Snow
Areas: Birmingham Northwards

A front will move in from the South West during tomorrow, snow is likely to be an issue for the areas mentioned above more so for (Northern England and Southern Scotland). Totals of 2-5cm over low lying areas and as much as 10cm over higher routes are expected.[/b][/color]

[color="#FF8C00"][b]WEATHER WATCH: ICE
AREAS: Northern Areas of the England/Central and Eastern areas of England/Scotland.

A band of rain has moved across the areas mentioned above, and as colder air moves South across the UK. Ice WILL be a problem where any rain sleet or snow has fallen.[/b][/color]


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