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Staying Cold And Wintry

Thunder Snow


[b][b]Staying Cold And Wintry[/b][/b]

[b]Over the next few days it will remain cold, with further outbreaks of rain/sleet or snow at times. During this evening there will be a few sleet or snow showers around effecting Western Scotland, North-West England and possibly Central areas of England at times.

However there will be some late winter sunshine in between, any showers should be light and far between. Elsewhere it should be a dry end to the day with some sunny spells, however cloud will begin to increase from the West later.

As we move through the course of this evening and overnight, it will turn frosty across most areas, more so the further East you are, cloud will begin to move in from the West. Although it should remain dry for most areas overnight. Rain will then begin to move in late in the night, to effect parts of the South-West, as the rain moves into Wales/Central England and Southern parts Of Northern England it will turn readily to snow. Amounts will vary perhaps 2-6cm to lower ground (maybe more in localized areas) and perhaps 8-15cm over higher ground.

As we start Sunday morning snow will be lying across East Wales/Central England/parts of Northern England then North East England later, the snow is likely to be heavy at times. :unsure:. The main area of snow should move through North-East England fairly quickly, but a few wintry showers will be left in its wake. Elsewhere rain showers are likely to effect Southern areas for a time, however Scotland should enjoy a mostly dry, bright and crisp day. Sunday night is likely to be cold and frosty again, with a risk of ice where any showers have fallen.

Monday will see a band of rain moving up from the South, this is likely to turn to snow across some central areas. Further ahead still cold and wintry at times. [/b][b][/b]

[color="#FF0000"]Weather Warning: Where any showers have fallen today, there is likely to be icy stretches on untreated roads and surfaces.[/color]

[color="#FF8C00"]Weather Watch: This weather watch is likely to be upgraded over the next few hours.
Areas Likely to be effected: Wales/Central England/Parts of Northern England and North East England later.

Reason: A band of rain is going to move in from the West overnight into tomorrow morning, this is likely to bring snow to areas mentioned above. Amounts will vary with perhaps 2-6cm to lower ground (maybe more in localized areas) and perhaps 8-15cm over higher ground. Please stay tuned to local forecast and news

Weather Watch for Sunday night, where any rain/sleet or snow has fallen there will be an ice risk.[/color]


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