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The Odd Sign Of Spring?



Well there is certainly signs of spring within nature this week. More plants such as daffodils, daisies etc have sprung out of the ground, the past two days have felt quite pleasant in the sun, but is Winter now over? Thats a question.

My definition of spring weather, which people can comment on if they want, are temperatures between 13-15C and quite settled days, of course there is always going to be a bit of wet weather involved too. So what will in the long term for potential Spring like weather?

Well this week looks to be mainly dry and quite bright for most areas, and with temperatures around average, it should feel quite pleasant in the sun. Later on in the week we have a more Easterly influence to our weather, which will drag in cooler temperatures and a breeze which might not feel pleasant at all. On Friday we have a trough/small low running down the Eastern side of the country, and although we have colder uppers, it should fall as rain on low ground, but possibly snow on higher ground above 150m or so, maybe a covering on ground above 200m or so. Potentially the SE could have a shot of a Easterly over the weekend, but details need to be firmed up. Most places will be dry though, as HP builds over us, the proper cold gets shunted into mainland Europe. After that IMO depends on what the Jet Stream decides to do. The NAO forecast is for a neutral NAO around Mid-Month, the same with the AO forecast too, some of the ensemble mean outlooks go for a positive AO, (which hasnt been seen for some while!) which would encourage a more northerly tracking jet, and then milder weather. Personally I can that happening at some point this month, but until then, the weather that we saw today looks to become the theme.

I see up until Mid March from this weekend being HP dominated, which most will welcome, with average temperatures by day and maybe some frosts by night. It should feel pleasant in the sun, as we get nearer to Spring Equinox.
What a winter it has been though, widespread snow and cold, for most of the winter there has been a -ve NAO and -ve AO which have been in deep negative at times. A southerly tracking jet for the whole of winter too!
What Winter 10/11 will bring I dont know, but IMO I wouldnt be suprised to see a winter similar to this!


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I`m a bit late reading this but i would just like to say what an excellently written and laid out blog entry snowman with plenty of interesting information.

I see it was written very early in the month, i would love to hear your thoughts regarding next week and beyond.
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Thanks Eugene :) I'm planning to do another entry at the weekend, finally some interesting weather on the way for the first time in ages! :lol:

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