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I had half day yesterday from work, which I was really looking forward to (more so than any other time off from work to be honest!) as for the past 2 weeks, I have been covering 4 peoples work loads. Stress, quite simply, wasn't the word! One of my team members has been in Egypt (slightly concerned about him now due to the bomb attacks) 1 has been off for 6 weeks because she is pregnant and suffering badly from the sickness (should be passing soon, fingers crossed!) and the other has been off for 3 weeks with Glandular fever.Nic, should be back on Monday, which means we can cover 2 work loads each (our own and one others) as it looks like the other 2 will be off for some time. So at least things won't be quite as fraut!Anyway, I had half day yesterday because it was supposed to be mini-raven's sports day at Nursery - but they postponed it until next thursday. Because I was so looking foward to having the afternoon off, I took it any way.... so I need an excuse for next thursday now :) Last night, went out for a curry (mum and dad had mini-raven) and it was lovely! (although so much for my diet!) The strange thing is, this was the first time I could have a lie in this morning - and there I am, wide awake at 7.00am! Yet on a work day, I find it a struggle to get out of bed!I'm starting the diet on Monday - and am quite looking forward to the challenge!


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