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Sun By Day/frost By Night

Thunder Snow


Has Spring, Really Sprung

Well it has been a great start to the week for many areas of the UK, there was alittle blip at the start when a band of snow move South across the country to give alittle snow to some areas. Although other than that it really has been a decent start to the week, so has spring sprung i hear you ask?

Well after a cold and frosty start to the day, the sun will once again show its ray across most areas of the UK, however cloud will be a problem across Scotland, Eastern coastal areas and possibly Southern areas although for the latter 2 there will be some hazy sunshine at times. Smile Frost will linger across Scotland for much of the day, but apart from that it will be another dry, bright and milder day in any sunshine. Temperatures will range from 4-8c, maybe more across the South.

Now as we move into this evening its going to be a chilly night, with a widespread frost developing across the UK, however cloud will still be a problem across Scotland. Later this evening and overnight a band of rain/sleet and snow will move in from the North to effect Northern and Western areas of Scotland. Some showers (Which could be wintry at times) may make into into Southern Scotland and Northern England, but these should be light and far between.

As we move into Friday and its a totally different day, with cloud moving South across most parts of the UK. However it should remain dry with just the small risk of a shower more so the further East you are. Although most areas of Southern England should enjoy a bright day before the cloud thickens from the North later this afternoon. Rain.sleet and snow showers will persist across Scotland through-out the day and into the overnight period. However across other areas of the UK it will be cloudy, but with less frost around.

For the weekend Saturday will be a cloudy day with some showers possible across the Eastern side of the UK, Sunday will be the best day of the weekend with sunshine to be had, although the cloud will always be a problem across Northern areas. Wherever you are over the weekend it will feel chilly with a Northeasterly/Easterly wind at times.

Into Next week there should be some decent sunny spells across the UK, however night will be cold and frosty.

One thing to keep an eye on at the moment the week ending on the 19th (my birthday) there could be a cold snap with some further snow. So please stay tuned to the forecast. However this is a long way off and subject to change Smile.

Cheers for reading



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