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Spring Starting To Show Its Hand



Many places today broke the 10C barrier for the first time in a long while. Some places until today had not reached 10C for nearly 100 days. Shows the lack of mild that was evident during the winter. So what does the coming week have in store for us?

It will be a wet morning in Northern Scotland, with rain clearing Eastwards, with a few showers following in behind. Most other areas will remain dry and it will be bright with sunny spells interspersed with cloud. Northern and Eastern areas will be windy at times. Temperatures will be widespreadly 8-12C, with a westerly/north westerly wind.

Tuesday will be the same, dry and bright for all areas apart from a few showers affecting the Northern Isles. Again 8-12C maxima looks likely, but nightime will be cool especially in Eastern areas with a touch of ground frost possible in rural areas. Patchy rain will affect Northern and western areas on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Wednesday and Thursday look likely to be the warmest days of the week, but in return the weather will be unsettled. Patchy rain and showers will affect northern and western coastal areas. The further South and East you go, it will be brighter with less chance of seeing any rain. Temperatures could reach up to 14C on Wednesday and Thursday in the SE, up to 12C in the North.
Thursday will see a band of heavy rain moving from West to East, which will affect most areas. Again temperatures will be up to 14C maybe 15C in a few spots in the South and between 11-13C in the North.

Friday will be a showery day with sunshine and showers. A slightly cooler day with maxima's of 9-10C in the North and 11-12C in the South.

What happens afterwards is still up in the air. I think it will turn cooler for all areas come the end of the weekend, with average-slightly below average temperatures.
The Southerly tracking jet will remain a southerly tracking jet for some time yet, with a slightly -ve NAO. This will help the cause that we are still at risk from Northerly incursions.


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