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Long Time! Happy Update!

Andy Bown


I cannot remember the last time I blogged!My life has changed massively in the last year. I met a wonderful girl at the end of May 2009 - after having an unexplainable gut feeling and fate occurence, we hit it off immediately and are, quite simply (and incredibly happily!), 2 peas in a pod!I moved into her house in Warminster (5 miles from where I used to live in Westbury) in September and after a great first 8 months together we got engaged in February and will marry in August 2011.My life is better than I could ever have imagined, we are soulmates and best friends. And have discovered many 'small world coincidences' that link us together from a long time before we first met!Weatherwise there's an intriguing difference to where I used to live : the temperature is generally 1c lower and I'm living a few hundred metres higher. I've had to get used to not having such a great panoramic sky view as I was fortunate to have for many years, it's somewhat frustrating when sunsets are good and convective weather is around!

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