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Time To Be Philosphical, I Think?



Oh well...so that one didn't work out! :o Never mind, no-one can be in control of everything. Today, I have a whole new perspective on life [Yet another one!]: Be happy yourself and you'll attract other happy people. Be obviously neurotic, and you'll attract other obviously neurotic people... :D It's nobody's fault; it's the way-of-the-world. But attractions between fellow-neurotics can be only superficial, however deeply they may be felt. Sooner-or-later the neuroticism takes over; all that seemed 'right' suddenly seems 'wrong'. ;):):) Now for the hard bit! :):):)


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Good for you mate!

Move on.

No Regrets! :)

Thank you FP...I've now done the difficult part. It took a few days, and a few awkward questions...But it's been worth it... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I think one useful thing I've mentioned before is to try to avoid getting lost in trains of negative thoughts- it can take practice, but often when people are depressed it is because of negative thought chains, where you can notice yourself having these trains of thought and cut them out. A depression syndrome will obviously add other factors and make it more difficult to avoid depression, but even so, negative trains of thought may well accentuate the depression.

When you enter a relationship with trains of negative thought going through your head- those negative thoughts can play havoc, and the other party can often pick up on that. Or at least, that has sometimes been my experience. Sometimes it wasn't so much that the other party was also neurotic, more that my neurotic feelings washed over onto the other party.

Also, with searching for the perfect partner- it won't be easy, many people spend years or even decades before they find one. Some relationships just don't work when they are taken too far, but they may still work as friendships or just friendly acquaintances- and others may not work at all.

I hate the phrase 'move on'- but I think that's because it can be meant in many different ways, and over the years, many people have told me to "move on" meaning "cut old things out of my life". For example there are a number of old friends and acquaintances that I let go of, who have recently got back in touch with me- and people have told me that I should have rejected them as part of having "moved on"!

I think the main point is that if a relationship isn't working now, while it's important to accept that it's not working and to let go, it doesn't mean it will never work again in future (although if it does, it may often be a different type of relationship the next time, as I have found with my rekindled friendships). However, I don't deny that some relationships do never work again. The thing is- none of us can 100% foresee the future!

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