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Bomb Attacks



I know it might be seen by some as an over-reaction following the 7/7 attacks, and the attempted attacks on London last week, but well - this is what blogs are for - rather than start a thread, I thought it might be best to put how I am feeling in my blog. Basically, since the 7/7 attacks, and the potential bomb attacks thursday last week, that thankfully 'went wrong' I am finding it increasingly difficult to travel on the train to and from work of a day. I could 'recover' from the shock of 7/7, believing London was a safer place directly after the attacks to continue my travels. Since thursday last week, when the 2nd attempt was made, I am starting to suffer from acute panic attacks on the trains. I just find it incredible that, had the bombs not have been 'put together incorrectly' we would have been looking at the devistation of 7/7 all over again - and only 2 weeks later!I know, I havent (thankfully) been directly affected by the bomb attacks (and I thank my luck stars I haven't) but it doesnt stop me from feeling an acute fear I have never experienced before traveling on my train to work. I got 3 stops from Barnehurst towards London this morning, and felt a panic attack comming on, I felt the train was closing in on me, and anyone with a ruck sack had a potential bomb on them. I very nearly got off the train at Falconwood, crossed the bridge and went on a train on the way home. On this occasion common sense prevailed... more chance of being hit by a train than having a bomber next to me!


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Oh hun, poor you *hug*

you have to give these things time, your nerves are bound to still be on edge.

I think you are incredibly brave and things will get better I am sure.


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Try to keep going snow raven....I'm not one of these gung-ho, 'mustn't be afraid fight them on the beaches' types at all....I think fear under the current situation is entirely probable....

However, what I would say is this: Statistically you are far, far more likely to be hit by a car, to get poisoned by your lunch or run over by a rickshaw in soho!!!

Not exactly reassuring I know, but actually think about the figures.....in both attacks there have only been 57 people killed and a few hundred injured: that is out of a London daily population of 5 million!

The chances of anything happening are slight....

Also don't forget that the last bombs did not go off, the bomb material was crap...this would suggest that they have not got anything left to fight with and that the worst is over.....

Have you thought about getting up early and going in then? That's what I do as it means the trains are very quiet and I can see exactly what is going on around me, without having to put up with the stress inducing panic of a crowded train....

If it doesn't get better within a weeks or two maybe it would be worth a trip to the doc, to see if he can suggest something, either medical or talking, which might help smooth the sharp corners a little bit....

But really, really try not to worry....humans are a resilient bunch and tend to get back to normal once the immediate panic is over. :)

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It must be hard to not get a bit paranoid :(

Maybe you could try the suggestion of going in nice and early for a while when it's a bit quieter. Plus you could hopefully leave early and go for a nice relaxing swim or something similar :)

Statistically you are very safe (does help me with flying :unsure: ) and hopefully these nutters have run out of equipment/people to make bombs that work properly now

Talk to people and go and see your doctor as well, you're not the only one who feels like this and seeking help is not a sign of weakness :)

Take care

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Aww poor you :(

I can understand your fear (coming from someone who can't set foot on a plane since returning from Tenerife 3 weeks after 9/11).

Try to give yourself time to get used to it. Fear, is a good thing as it means all your senses are on high alert and if there was somethng you would be more likely to spot it. Not much of a consolation.

Try and learn some breathing techniques to relax and help you through the panic.

Hugs to you

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thanks to all of you and your thoughts. Its much appreciated.

I was OK today..... I didnt feel nervous at all. The thought is still at the back of my mind - but I didnt feel the need to get off the train, and I didnt suffer from an acute panic attack either which was good!

Thanks again everyone


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Was also thinking as well last night, that you should get some of that Bach's Rescue Remedy and when you feel a bit jumpy as if a panic attack is away to start, a few drops of this on your tongue should help :)

You can get it in Boots - with all their herbal bits and bobs :)

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I used to live on that stuff when I split up with my ex, plus the calms :rolleyes:

All natural, so no nasty chemicals <_<

Worth a try even if it's only a phsycological (sp) effect :)

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Thanks Mrs M & Katie. I will give some of that Bach remedy stuff a try. I have heard good reports about it - that it actually works. I didnt think of trying that out. :)

Also, I am feeling better hearing the news they may have caught at least one of the potential bombers. I know there are probably plenty more suicide bombers out there willing to do what those did on 7/7, but hopefully it might make them think twice about trying it again - the police, in my opinion have been exellent in their quickness at getting results.

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