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Lincolnshire Notes



[size="3"]We've had an exceptionally busy time since we got back fro, our excursion to Cumbria. Just before we went away, one of our neighbours - for whom I dog walk regularly, came to see us to tell us about a little Jack Russell terrier which was looking for a new home!!!! All we were told is that he was still a puppy and was house trained. So, yes you guessed, we went to see him down near Skegness; my wife who is blind took to him right away and he was very good with her, so we made arrangements to collect him when we returned a week later, since then our feet haven't touched the ground.

We had both said we should loose some weight, well at this rate we shall be shadows before too long, the upside is I can take my camera out walking and get lots more pictures of the 'clouds floating by' and by the way, I've already lost a pound or two by just trying to keep up with him.

My gardening activities also seem to have come to a standstill, as everyting seems to be mischief to him; he sees me digging and thinks it is great fun to do the same, but mostly in the wrong place. Of course, our neighbours think it is great fun to watch us coming to terms with our addition to the family. [/size]

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