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Preparing For Winter!



Lots of work going on behind the scenes here at Netweather HQ at the moment to prepare for the Winter season.

Obviously with Winter comes additional traffic to the site, so we're adding another server to the cluster currently (taking us up to 6 servers now), and because of the changes we made to our setup earlier in the Summer we'll be able to add further servers to cope with demand at relatively short notice throughout.

We've also got a packed out development schedule with new additions and improvements to the site in the pipeline, these include further upgrades to the radar, the return of the Winter area, some new forecast features, new charts and a variety of other items.

On the forum we'll be making some changes - including bringing the much discussed regional forums back online, and also the addition of the excitometer which was suggested last Winter!

For our commercial clients Winter is also a busy time, especially the gritters who use us and we've just rolled out this years version of FreezeAlert our gritting package with some customers already using it, and many, many more starting on 1st November for the season.

Last but not least, the Winter forecast is ready for publication having been put together by our LRF expert Stewart Rampling. It'll be released very soon with subscribers to our email newsletter the first to get their hands on it, so if you're not signed up to receive that yet, you can by clicking the link below:


That's about it for this update - but stay tuned for more news as we close out Autumn and head into the Winter months!


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Last year was a very busy time for the site... lots of new members..lets hope for more this year. Can't wait to take a peak at this winter forecast.
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Looking forward to being part of net weather this winter and to posting my winter reports of the North of Scotland. I suspect this site will be even busier than normal as people gear up and login as the big freeze deepens. Stewart Rampling was spot on the money last year with his forecast and I expect a similar winter forecast, but it to start much earlier. Lets hope Im right!
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Thanks for all the comments :)

The new server is now online - and the release of the winter outlook really isn't far off now.....

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