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Saturday Ramblings



It's the weekend- and not unusually for Lancaster, there was a spectacular sunset just five minutes ago! I have to say I've done rather well during this anticyclonic 'gloom' spell- there's been a decent amount of sunshine here in Lancaster, while in my home region of South Tyneside it's been pretty dismal, so I've heard.I finished my hydrology project yesterday- something of a relief, because hydrology is probably the aspect of Environmental Science I'm least interested in of all the aspects I'm taking modules in. Good riddance to modelling and flood predictions!Today just messing around, doing a bit of work, went and shopped for my weekly food intake, and playing computer games- at the moment Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and The Sims 2 are my favourites. I like HL2's physics engine, I'll put it that way!


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