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Snow Next Week?!

Thundery wintry showers


I think even sleet is unlikely to occur in Norwich next week, because of the long airmass track over the North Sea- Norwich often seems to struggle to get much snow from northerlies early in the season (22-23 November 2008 was a notable exception, but that one really caught East Anglia full in the face, and it was still very marginal).

But could it possibly snow in Cleadon in Tyne and Wear? That really would be a "first" because the north-east coast is particularly prone to being warmed by the North Sea and I haven't come across any recorded instances of snow in October near the Tyne and Wear coast.

It'll be interesting to see how that one pans out.

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We're expecting our first snow here in Inverness on Friday.

I think it also said that on Saturday night we'll have some sleet, and Sunday night some light snow showers continuing until Monday.

The temperature will also drop to -2C. I'm now absolutely sure that this winter will be bad, considering that we had no snow last October, and that we didn't have any temperatures below 0C.
I can't wait for snowboarding in the street. XD
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