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Cold Weekend Ahead, Chance For Snow Marginal At Best



Is the North West especially the south of the region going to see any of this snow this weekend?
Thats a big question quite a few people want to know, and the setup does not look favorable, at best some may catch a shower,
then again if your in a narrow snowband streamer you may end up with heavy persistent snow for a while. The chances of that
however are very slim, but you never know.

Everything is set up right now for a snow event, so what's going on?
Light winds from the North East, is part of this problem, the other is that the showers are tending to stick to the east coast,
where milder SST and cold land mass is helping to pep up those snow showers in to more persistent longer periods of
snow, but once it gets further inland it's not really doing much but dissipating.

For us to get snow, and I'll say it again, we can get snow from North East or indeed the East...as long as we have howling
gales to get the snow to us, other wise the Pennines will just suck up all the moisture and it's game over..not to say we
can't get showers of course...but those showers are going to be very limited and extremely light.

North Westerlies unless the SST is too warm, of note is the Irish Sea which always seem to be rather warm, can deliever pretty
well...but for me? Id choose a southerly mixing with slightly milder air from the Irish Sea, Mersey river...these types of setups
can and usually deliver some nice snow totals...much of our snow from last year was pretty much from the south east...and easterlies.

So this weekend, temperatures slightly down on last week, chance for snow is now even more less likely unless you catch a shower.
This is pretty much how it's going to play out for the weekend...however don't count out any surprises for snow...when you least
expect it, it arrives...but the theme for this weekend isn't one of snow but of how cold it gets.

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As luck wouldn't have it, a LP developed in the Irish sea, which literally deflected the snow away from our region to a more NW over towards cumbria and nw scotland
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