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Thunder Snow


[b][i][size="4"][u]Milder, But For How Long?

[/u]Over the next few days the weather is going to turn milder, however there will be alot of wet and windy weather around. Although we are not done with the snow just yet, as the next front to sweep in from the Atlantic may well bring a brief period of snow to some areas.

However before that Northern areas will see increasing amounts of sunshine, however further South i think it will remain cloudy with some light showers possible even these will be far between. As we move towards the evening hours a front will begin to move in from the Atlantic, however skies will be clear and this will allow tempertures to drop and a slight frost may develop. The charts below are from the 06z and show the tempertures for 18.00 and midnight.

[attachment=112569:uk max temp.png]
[attachment=112570:uk min temp.png]
[attachment=112571:ukmaxtemp 12.png]

The rain will turn heavy across Ireland for a time, turning lighter later overnight. The rain will be at it's heaviest across Wales, The South West and later Northern England and Scotland.

[attachment=112576:rain 1.png]
[attachment=112577:rain 2.png]
[attachment=112575:rain 3.png]

However as the rain hits the colder air sitting across the Scotland and the far North of Northern England it may turn to snow, more so across Scotland, Scottish Hills and the Hills across Northern England. Snow will even possible across lower levels for a time. Amounts are very uncertain could be alittle bit more or less, however i would not rule out 2-3cm to some localized lower levels and as much as 5-8cm across the hills. Any wintery weather across Northen England should turn to rain fairly quickly, elsewhere is going to be a milder night with rain (heavy at times) across all areas of the UK. Heavy rain coupled with last night's heavy rain and snow-melt could lead to some localized flooding, there are a number of flood watches in force across the UK and can be found here [url="http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/31618.aspx"]http://www.environme...oods/31618.aspx[/url]

The charts below are taken from the 06z precip type charts.

[attachment=112580:precip type 1.png]
[attachment=112579:precip chart 2.png]
[attachment=112578:precip type 3.png]

As we move towards dawn the tempertures across Scotland will be on the chilly side, so ice may be a hazard first thing. However rain will still be sitting across most parts, and this again will be heavy towards the West.
However the rain should clear East towards dusk, although it will leave some sharp showers in its wake.


The milder air should reach all areas of the UK by the end of Thursday, and temps will be 8-13c. For the rest of the week its looking wet and windy at times, however there will be a couple of dry windows at times. However with all the rain that's due over the next week or so flooding is expected.



Source: [url="http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/67866-north-west-england-slightly-less-cold-spell-discussion-part-21/page__view__findpost__p__2028573"]North West England - Slightly Less Cold Spell Discussion Part 21[/url]


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