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5 Weeks To Go

Azores Hi


In not much more than I month I will be a Dad.

As I sit here and contemplate that sentence it still boggles my mind that the authorities have allowed this to happen, surely there are protocols in place to prevent people like me from breeding? Apparently not! It seems that any Tom, Dick or Harry can procreate whenever they wish, it’s a human right so I’m told..
On the face of it we are woefully unprepared for the imminent arrival of Melissa Florence, the nursery if half painted and baby paraphernalia is scattered throughout the house in random piles, much like a tsunami has swept through the local nursery and dumped it’s contents haphazardly in every room.
Emotionally it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, a few niggling health problems from the start and it seems no sooner did one issue resolve when a scan would reveal some new horror to be googled and fretted over. Today however I hope we have turned a corner, the latest scan showed everything back to normal, a very average little baby nestling in a very average womb and a mother who looks radiant and beautiful (but slightly more rotund).
So we can settle down into the last few weeks of pregnancy and look forward to our new arrival, now, where did I leave that paintbrush?


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So pleased to hear things are going well with the pregnancy - looking forward to seeing some pictures (of the baby not of your nursery decorating - although I'm sure that's very nice).
Make the most of the next few weeks - life will never be the same again (it will be better, just with less sleep [img]http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img])

Best wishes, Ali x
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