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Arrrgghhhh...lots To Do!



Well, the last few days have been pretty hectic. After my scan, the solicitor phoned and said that if we wanted we could exchange monday, so yesterday we duly drew out our life's savings....sob! and headed off to sign the papers, etc.....Since then we haven't stopped signing, phoning, writing, etc to all kinds of things. And the reason for this frantic activity? Well, it suddenly dawned on us that if we got a lot of the work done, we could vanish up to Scotland ;) for ten days before we complete...YIPPPEEEEEEE! I am so very much in need of a holiday, specially at my m & d's where we'll get spoilt rotten and looked after in the most idyllic spot (they live in a lovely granite house on top of a hill, in the middle of nowhere....i.e. no phone calls, no hassles, just rest and lots of beautiful views and nice country walks! :) ) .The day after we come back we complete and then we have a week to do some painting in the new house before we move there permanently.....Although I feel utterly spaced at the moment with hormones and whatever else, I'm actually starting to feel excited about the whole thing......and once I've had my hols, I'll be ready to face the world!Sooo....as of thursday we'll be chuntering up the motorway in our little chugger of a car......I can't wait..... :):) :o :D

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No phone = No NW :o

Enjoy yourselves, put your feet up and get pampered :)

Good luck with the new house B)

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