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My Summer



ok i hope ive sussed this thing out! not much good at technical things...

well, i thought id write down on why i like heat in summer, saves explaining it on the model thread!

ideally i wouldnt like wall to wall heat, but a perfect summer to me would be several hot spells followed by a thundery breakdown. why do i like sunshine and heat? well, i like to use my garden, especially in may-aug. my hobby is metal detecting which commences after a summer break in august (harvest), so ive planted up my garden with plants that will be at their best in the height of smmer (hence no liking for september heat).

i like outdoor living, i like going in the pool when its hot, i like seeing unusual butterflies and moths, humingbird hawk moth, painted ladys, clouded yellows, and i like hearing swifts screaming above.. hence im very much looking for nice warm sunny weather. however, i do realise that our climate doesnt often deliver this, which makes it all the more enjoyable when we do get it. its been 5 years now since i, here in derby, enjoyed a decent hot spell, which is getting on now for 'overdue'.

so i make no apologies for being keen to see something warm/hot evolve... :)

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I hope I didn't give you the wrong impression with some of my posts in MOD- I, for one, think that your recent contributions in there have actually been very good.

What gets up my backside in there is lack of objectivity and the masses using it as a thread to discuss prospects for just one type of weather- essentially the same problems as we get during the winter. For instance, many people will see a "cloudy/dirty" high and just assume that it'll be hot and sunny (in the same way that they'd see a dry cloudy south-easterly in winter and assume it would bring lots of snow), but you don't, and I appreciate that.

I share your views on preferred summer weather far more closely than you might think from reading my posts in there. My favourite summer month to date was July 2006 in Leeds, where it was pretty much as per your description. Indeed, to get my "ideal" summer, all you'd have to do is take yours and add a few extra showery thundery "low 20s maxes" incursions, there's not a lot of difference. Next week will probably highlight the downside of "average temperatures" in Tyneside for instance- it feels comfortably warm when it's sunny with hardly any wind but I think with just 18-19C on the cards, a cold wind off the North Sea will scupper any outdoor activities next week!
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