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My New Postman Looks Like Jim Bowen



[color=#000000]My new postman looks like Jim Bowen... so much so I had to 'Google' Jim to see if he was still alive and where he was living just in case it said working for Royal Mail in MK !![/color]


[color=#000000]I didn't really want a new postman, my lovely postman, that happy-chappy, deliverer of my letters and parcels on an almost daily basis, is no more…I had suspected as much last week when I discovered a little red and white card in my letterbox instead of my package. In case you don’t know these red and white cards are from the Royal Mail asking you to go into the sorting office and pick up the parcels yourself! Not only that, but you have to wait a minimum 6 hours (sometimes 8!!!!) hours before you can collect them. *swoons in a faint*. Do you have any idea what torture that is ? [/color]

[color=#000000]Anyway, at first I thought that maybe my postman was on holiday and business would be resumed as normal in a few days, but no.... he has changed routes [img]http://hw.nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/cray.gif[/img][/color]

[color=#000000]Now, I’m sure that my new postman (aka Jim) will soon get the hang of not making me go all the way to the sorting office for my parcels. I have already had a word and asked the new postman to leave my packets in the usual place for me and lo and behold this morning there was one sticking out from behind the plant pot when I got back from walking the dogs. So, much as I will miss my old postman’s “morning, love!” it's time to celebrate the beginning of a new partnership ‘Jim Bowen’ brings me packets and I beam from ear to ear like a lunatic while trying to stop myself saying.. “Super Smashing Lovely” [/color]



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