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Alps Ski And Weather Forecast 20th January




Conditions continue to be very good acorss the Alps after a lot of snow this winter, despite rather mixed weather over the past few days.

Further snowfall is also likely in many places for the next few days, before things shouled settled down agin around midweek, and it slowly turning midler from the west.

[url="http://www.skiclub.co.uk/skiclub/news/story.aspx?storyID=8473"]http://www.skiclub.c...px?storyID=8473[/url] <- Further Snow expected across the Alps


[b]Synoptic Pattern[/b]

Currently the main players in the synoptic pattern is the Azores High which as so often this winter is displaced further north and east than normal (1035-1040mb), centered to the west of Northern Spain, but influencing conditions far further north including the UK with a WNW flow of winds. The Russian high remains in play around 1050mb. There is low Pressure from the south of Greenland, through Iceland and into Eastern Europe. The Polar Vortex is situated further west than has been the case so far this winter, allowing slightly higher pressure in the Greenland area.
[attachment=127768:20 Jan Current.JPG]

Not much synoptic change by tomorrow, pressure though slightly building over Greenland to 1035mb, a NW flow over the UK bringing cool conditions to most areas, quite mild over most of NW Europe including the Alps, generally colder in Eastern areas and over Scandinavia .
[attachment=127755:20 Jan +24.JPG]

Low Pressure again for Scandinavia and N and Eastern Europe, the UK on the dividing line with the more settled and milder conditions for the South West, colder for the NE you go in the UK, which largely is the same dividing line as is the case across Europe .
[attachment=127757:20 Jan +48.JPG]

Monday sees the pattern move slightly further East, the Azores High ridging NE and starting to make things more settled again for the UK, but again with low pressure for much of Scandinavia and North Eastern Europe, and cool or cold here. Cool for the UK and NW Europe, rather mild over much of Southern Europe.
[attachment=127759:20 Jan +72.JPG]

High Pressure over Russia starting to influence conditions more over Northern Scandinavia and looking cold here. High Pressure (0130mb0 remaining over Greenland, and the Azores high feeding in milder SW winds over the UK ahead of a Low Pressure in the Atlantic looking to push over the UK. Mild again over Southern Europe, but cold over much of Central and Northern Europe including much of the Alps.

[attachment=127761:20 Jan +96.JPG]

The low pressure slowly moves east by Wednesday with the High Pressure to the NE starting to act as a blocking high. Remaining mild and unsettled over the NW and North Western Europe, remaining rather cold over much of Eastern Europe, with the east of the Alps, much colder than the western half.

[attachment=127763:20 Jan +120.JPG]

Quite a lot of uncertainty towards the weekend, with the low pressure attempting to push east, and High Pressure (Siberian High) attempting to push in from the North East. So looking cold and settled for much of Central and Eastern Europe, cool to mild over Western Europe.
[attachment=127765:20 Jan +144.JPG] [attachment=127767:20 Jan +168.JPG]

[b]Alps Detail[/b]

[b]Freezing Levels (noon)[/b]
[b]Sat 21 Jan - [/b][b]1800m to 2100m [/b](West), 600m to 900m (E Austria)
[b]Sun 22 Jan - [/b]1800m to 2400m (Italy), 1200 to 1800m (Austria/Switzerland), 900m to 1200m (NE Austria)
[b]Mon 23 Jan - [/b]1800m to 2100m (Italy), 1200 to 1500m (Austria/Switzerland), 600m to 900m (NE Austria)
[b]Tue 24 Jan - [/b]600m to 1000m (Generally), 1200m-1600m (South and West)
[b]Wed 25 Jan - [/b][b]1800m to 2100m [/b](West), 1000m to 1800m (E Switz and W Aust), 400m to 600m (E Austria)
[b]Thur 26 Jan - [/b][b]1200m to 1800m [/b](Generally), 600m to 800m (far E Austria)
[b]Fri 27 Jan -[/b] [b]1200m to 1800m [/b](Generally), 300m to 800m (far E Austria)

[b]Freezing Levels (6am)[/b]
[b]Sat 21 Jan - [/b]600m to 1200m (West), 0m to 400m (East)
[b]Sun 22 Jan - [/b]1800m to 2400m (Italy), 1200 to 1800m (Austria/Switzerland), 600m to 900m (NE Austria + Germany)
[b]Mon 23 Jan - [/b]0m to 600m (Generally), Milder Italy
[b]Tue 24 Jan - [/b]0m to 600m (Generally), 1200-1500m (Italy)
[b]Wed 25 Jan - [/b]0m to 800m (Generally), pockets higher in Italy
[b]Thur 26 Jan -[/b] 0m to 800m (Generally), pockets higher
[b]Fri 27 Jan[/b] - 0m to 400m (North+East), 600m to 1000m elsewhere

[b]850 Hpa Temps (noon)[/b]
[b]Sat 21 Jan - [/b]+2c to +4c in South West, -4c to -5c in North and East,
[b]Sun 22 Jan - [/b]+4c to +6c in South West, -3c to -5c in North and East
[b]Mon 23 Jan - [/b]+1c to +3c in South West, -4c to -5c in North and East
[b]Tue 24 Jan -[/b] +1c to +2c in South West, -5c to -6c in North and East
[b]Wed 25 Jan - [/b]+2c to +3c West, -6c to -7c in East
[b]Thur 26 Jan -[/b] -3c to +2c West, -4c to -5c in East
[b]Fri 27 Jan[/b] - variable

Note in above charts South West, largely refers to W Italy.

[b]Sat 21 Jan[/b]
Heavy precipitation currently falling over western areas of the Alps will continue into Saturday and will be heavy over the Portes Du Soleil, Switzerland, with some precipitation also for NW Italy, W Austria and SW Germany, Snow Level generally around but closer to 600m in heavier bursts. Drier further east. By afternoon the precipitation edging further north for Switzerland, S Germany and W Austria, with the Snow level rising sharply to 1900m in the west, 1300m in Austria. The afternoon and evening seeing the precipitation continues but the heaviest of the precipitation edging across into Central Austria, SL 1100m in Austria, 1300-1600m further west.
[attachment=127754:20 Jan +24 Alps.JPG]

[b]Sunday[/b] sees Patchy precipitation continuing overnight, moderate in central Austria, Snow levels back to around 700-1000m (north to south) with cooler conditions returning. The afternoon will generally be drier but with light precipitation continuing in Central Austria, and for Southern Germany into the evening.
[attachment=127756:20 Jan +48 Alps.JPG]

[b]Monday[/b] sees a north south split, it should be dry in the south, but patchy to moderate precipitation can be expected from the small hours right through to the afternoon for northern parts of the Alps. SL around 600-800m.
[attachment=127758:20 Jan +72 Alps.JPG]

[b]Tuesday [/b]sees patchy to moderate snow from the early hours for South Germany and NW Austria, becoming more extensive across Switzerland, Southern Germany and Western Austria by noon, before becoming rather confined to Central Austria by evening, largely falling as snow down to resort level.
[attachment=127760:20 Jan +96 Alps.JPG]

[b]Wednesday [/b]should be a drier day over the Alps. with a east west split, always colder in the East.
[attachment=127762:20 Jan +120 Alps.JPG]

[b]Thursday[/b] should also be a dry day over the Alps. slightly milder generally across the Alps.
[attachment=127764:20 Jan +144 Alps.JPG]

Low certainty this far out for [b]Friday[/b], but a chance of a front pushing in from the west bringing heavy precipitation for France into Italy, snow to around 1000m.
[attachment=127766:20 Jan +168 Alps.JPG]


There could be another week of moderate snowfalls over the Alps, especially over higher slopes, but possibly turning drier and a bit milder midweek.

Latest forecasts and snow reports:


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