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Alps Ski And Weather Forecast 10th February




The deep freeze has been controlling the weather over the continent and the Alps for some time, however there are signs of it turning a little bit less cold and perhaps milder by the end of next week.

Generally conditions are good, both in terms of the snow and sunshine, however it will be very cold to at least start the week.[/font][/size]


[size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Synoptic Summary[/b]

Currently the Siberian High continues to dominate the weather in Europe, with very cold conditions generally, with only really the Iberian peninsula, parts of the UK and to an extent Northern Scandinavia missing out on the very cold conditions.

Over the weekend there are signs of the high pressure finally retreating back east, however staying very cold over most of Europe and turning colder even over parts of Spain, and Northern Scandinavia, the UK remains milder as a mini HP cell bring tropical maritime air from the south west.

For the mid of next week, a NW flow tries to push in over the UK, with a trough also pushing in through Scandinavia, cold over most of Europe, only the far west inc parts of the Uk missing out. Possibly turning a little milder over the UK from the north, As tropical maritime air feeds in around the HP.

Towards the end of the week, this milder air over the UK, may start to feed in over the continent, including the Alps, lessening the bitterly cold spell.

[b]Alps Detail[/b]

[b]Freezing Levels (noon)[/b]
[b]Sat 11 Feb - [/b]0-300m generally, 400m-700m France/Italy border
[b]Sun [/b][b]12 Feb[/b][b] - [/b]0-300m generally, 300m-700m France/Italy border, S Switzerland, SW Austria
[b][b]Mon 13[/b][/b][b] Feb[/b][b][b] - [/b][/b]0-700m generally, 700m-1100m France/Italy border, S Switzerland, SW Austria
[b][b]Tue[/b][/b][b] 14 Feb[/b][b][b] -[/b][/b] 200m-700m generally, 700m-1100m France/Italy border, S Switzerland, SW Austria
[b]Wed 15 Feb - [/b]500-800m generally, 1000m-1300m France/Italy border and S Switzerland, SW Austria
[b][b]Thur 16 Feb - [/b][/b]800-1000m North East, up to 2000m far South West
[b][b]Fri 17 Feb -[/b][/b] 800-1000m, up to 2000m in many areas, possibly 2200m South West

[b]Freezing Levels (6am)[/b]

[b]Sat 11 Feb to Wed 15 Feb[/b] - below freezing to sea level
[b][b]Thur 16 Feb - [/b][/b][b][b]0-800m Generally[/b][/b]
[b][b]Fri 17 Feb -[/b][/b] 0-400m Generally, pockets towards Italy around 1400m

[b]850 Hpa Temps (noon)[/b]
[b]Sat 11 Feb - [/b]Generally below -10c, pockets -15c to -18c
[b]Sun 12 Feb - [/b]-7 to -10c South, -12 to -14c North and East
[b]Mon 13 Feb - [/b]-4 to -5c South, -7 to -11c Northand East
[b]Tue 14 Feb -[/b] -4 to -5c generally, -8 to -9c East
[b]Wed 15 Feb - [/b]-2 to -4c South, -5 to -7c North and East
[b][b]Thur 16 Feb -[/b][/b] 0 to 3c South, 0 to -3c North
[b]Fri 17 Feb[/b] - 2 to 5c West, 0 to -2c Eastern Austria[/font][/size]

[b]Alps Daily Weather[/b]

[size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Sat 11 Feb -[/b] Mostly dry and Sunny, some patchy snow edging into Southern Austria and perhaps SE Switzerland from the east at times.
[attachment=131136:10 Feb + 24 Alps.PNG]

[b]Sun 12 Feb - [/b]Mostly dry and Sunny, the odd snow flurry possible for Southern Austria

[attachment=131137:10 Feb + 48 Alps.PNG]

[b]Mon 13 Feb - [/b]Mostly dry and Sunny to start, patchy snow edging into Germany initially and then spreading into N parts of both Austria and Switzerland later with the snow turning a bit heavier later for Germany.
[attachment=131138:10 Feb + 72 Alps.PNG]

[b]Tue 14 Feb - [/b]Overnight snow edging south, and some patchy snow possible in many places over the Alps.
[attachment=131139:10 Feb + 96 Alps.PNG][/font][/size]

[size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Wed 15 Feb - [/b]Moderate snow edging south into Germany and later into most of Switzerland and Austria
[attachment=131140:10 Feb + 120 Alps.PNG][/font][/size]

[size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Thur 16 Feb - [/b]After the overnight snow clears, it should be mostly dry with only light precipitation
[attachment=131141:10 Feb +144 Alps.PNG][/font][/size]

[size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Fri 17 Feb[/b] -Mostly Dry and Sunny
[attachment=131142:10 Feb +168 Alps.PNG][/font][/size]


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