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Mouth Ulcer Update...



thank you for all the messages since I posted about my mouth ulcer last week. Because nothing much exciting actually happens in my life, I felt it was worthy of another blog entry!!I never did get round to going to the Chemist for the Anbesol (however, I shall stock up on some when I do go to the Chemist) I was planning on taking a walk round there saturday morning, but for those who read my entry entitled 'Sick of the self inflicted kind' will know why I didnt venture into daylight for the day, and sadly Asda's didn't stock it when I went shopping friday night (another example of the exciting life I lead).Anyway, the ulcer is getting a lot better on its own... so much so that I can talk, yawn and brush my teeth without it bleeding or hurting. Had a slight set back yesterday when I accidently got tomato ketchup on that side of my mouth in the Beefeater resturant (think I managed to style out my 'in severe pain look' at the dinner table, as no one noticed) but other than that, its healing quite nicely!xx


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