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Netweather Blog Alps Ski And Weather Forecast 31st March




The Alps has joined the UK in enjoying warm sunshine this week, with suntan lotion a must however this has meant that snow levels have dropped this week, by around 30cm, however at least temps have been cold overnight to refreeze the lying snow.

Best conditions can be seen on north facing slopes and the higher up you go the better the conditions. Elsewhere conditions are turning progressively slushy into the afternoon as the powerful sun melts the snow.


A bit of a change next week as things are set to turn a fair bit more unsettled towards just before the Easter weekend, with the chance of some decent snowfalls over higher ground.

[b]Synoptic Summary[/b]

The High Pressure from last week, has retrogressed North Westwards, and a cold norherly wind is pushing cold air into the low countries, staying quite mild though for much of the Alps
[attachment=132643:31 March.JPG]

The initial blast is pushes away into Eastern Europe, but it does turn a bit colder for Austria for a time, but staying quite mild over western parts of the Alps
[attachment=132642:31 March +48.JPG]

High Pressure to the North West of the UK is set to bring very cold easterly winds over the UK, and northern parts of Germany, furtherr south over the Alps, a bit milder but turning more unsettled with low pressure.

[attachment=132641:31 March +96.JPG]

The pattern edges a bit further south, so turning colder over the northern half of the Alps, and turning very unsettled with the chance of quite high precipitation totals, with snow over higher slopes.

[attachment=132640:31 March +144.JPG]

A lot of uncertainty at the moment for next weekend,

[b]Alps Detail [/b]

[b]Freezing Levels (noon)[/b]
[b]Sat 1 Apr - [/b]1400-1800m NE Austria, 2200m-2400m E Austria, 2800-3200m Southern and Western Alps
[b]Sun [/b][b]2 Apr[/b][b] - [/b]900-1500m Austria/E Italy/Germany,1500m-2100m Switzerland, 2600m -3000m Western Alps
[b]Mon [/b][b]3 Apr[/b][b] - [/b]2000-2500m generally, lower in parts of E Italy and E Austria (1500-1800m)
[b]Tue [/b][b]4 Apr[/b][b]-[/b] 2200-2500m generally, lower in parts of Italy (2000-2100m)
[b]Wed [/b][b]5[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] - [/b]2200-2400m generally, 1500m to 1800m France, N Switzerland and W Germany
[b]Fri [/b][b]6[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] -[/b] 800m to 1200m North, 1400m to 2200m elsewhere
[b]Fri [/b][b]7[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] -[/b] 800m to 1600m North, 2000m to 2200m elsewhere

[b]850 Hpa Temps (noon)[/b]
[b]Sat 1 Apr - [/b]+1 to +4c North, +6 to +10c elsewhere, +10 to +12c parts of W Italy
[b]Sun [/b][b]2 Apr[/b][b] - [/b]-5c to +0c Germany and E Austria, 0c to +4c N Switzerland and W Austria, +4 to +9c S Switzerland, France and Italy
[b]Mon [/b][b]3 Apr[/b][b] - [/b]+2 to +5c generally, +6 to to +8 E Switzerland and W Austria
[b]Tue [/b][b]4 Apr[/b][b]-[/b] +6 to +10c generally, +3c to +4c parts of Italy
[b]Wed [/b][b]5[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] - [/b]+5 to +9c generally, +1c to +4c France, N Switzerland and W Germany
[b]Fri [/b][b]6[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] -[/b] -5c to -1c North, +4 to +7c South
[b]Fri [/b][b]7[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] -[/b] +2 to +5c generally

[b]Freezing Levels (6am)[/b]

[b]Sun [/b][b]2 Apr[/b][b] - [/b]300-600m Austria/E Italy/Germany, 900m-1500m Switzerland, 1500m -2700m Western Alps
[b]Mon [/b][b]3 Apr[/b][b] - [/b]1000-1200m generally, 1800m-2000m parts of Western Alps
[b]Tue [/b][b]4 Apr[/b][b]-[/b] 2000-2200m generally, lower in parts of Italy/SE Switzerland and SW Austria (1500-1800m)
[b]Wed [/b][b]5[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] - [/b]2200-2100m generally, 1500m to 1800m France, N Switzerland and W Germany
[b]Fri [/b][b]6[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] -[/b] under 1000m North, 1000-1600m Central 1800m to 2200m South
[b]Fri [/b][b]7[/b][b] Apr[/b][b] -[/b] under 1000m North, 1200-2200m Elsewhere

[b]Alps Daily Summaries[/b]

[b]Sat 31 Mar [/b]- Dry to start, precipitation edging SE into Austria late evening and overnight, moderate bursts possible especially in Tirol [SL dropping from 1500m to 1000m - [5cm snow in places] [attachment=132648:31 March Alps.JPG]

[b]Sun 1 Apr - [/b]After any overnight precipitation fades away in Western Austria, it should be dry and mostly sunny, with a thaw especially in western areas .

[b]Mon [/b][b]2 Apr [/b][b] - [/b]A mostly fine day with good sunny spells in most spots, with a further thaw of lying snow, a few light showers in the west for a time in the afternoon, [attachment=132647:31 March +48 Alps.JPG]

[b]Tue [/b][b]3 Apr [/b][b] -[/b] A dry start to the day with some sunshine, but some showers will develop in to the afternoon and evening, some heavy and possibly prolonged, snow level around 1800m, giving some localised moderate snowfalls, [attachment=132646:31 March +72 Alps.JPG]

[b]Wed [/b][b]4 Apr [/b][b]- [/b]Heavy showers to start in the west, with the chance of more prolonged precipitation in France in the morning, showers becoming more widespread further east later with the chance of prolonged precipitation in E Switzerland, parts of Austria [SL around 1200m - west, 1800m in Austria]. Further precipitation possible in Switzerland and Austria, through the evening and overnight [attachment=132645:31 March +96 Alps.JPG]

[b]Thu [/b][b]5 Mar - [/b]Further heavy precipitation to start the day in parts of Switzerland, N Italy and W Austria, [SL 1200m north- 1600m south, this continuing through the day, and showers possible anywhere across the Alps during the day.

[b]Fri [/b][b]6 Mar[/b] - Another day of heavy showers across the Alps, some prolonged and heavy again, the snow level much lower the further north you go [attachment=132644:31 March +144 Alps.JPG]


Recommended Comments

A bit of a change to the forecast tonight, although the showery potential is very much still on the cards, snow levels look (just) above 2000m this week. As the colder air stays to the North and West but not by that far, so rather frustrating.

although turning much colder over the weekend.
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