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Netweather Alps Ski Conditions 13th April Summary




A mixed picture over the Alps, rather unsettled but with some snow over higher slopes and resorts and some heavy falls in places as well.


Looking at today's forecast,

[attachment=133109:13 Alps today.JPG]

We can see a lot of precipitation forecast, with freezing levels forecast to be around 1700-2000m.

[b]This week[/b]
A slight change in format going forward for the rest of the season with daily summaries containing all the info.

[b]Sat 14 April [/b]-
Generally unsettled with further precipitation over much of the Alps, freezing level 1400-1800m generally, up to 2100m close to Southern Switzerland/Austria border. The precipitation potential lasting for the full 24 hours of Saturday. Freezing levels early Saturday only slightly lower than daytime levels.

[b]Sun 15 April [/b]-
Very similar to Saturday, again unsettled with widespread precipitation, heavy in places, freezing levels a bit higher, especially to the east,, 1400m to the NW, but 1800-2200m generally.

So over the weekend, snow depths decreasing at lower levels, but accumulating nicely over 1800m or so

[b]Mon 16 April [/b]-
Another unsettled day in general, turning colder from the north with more of a temperature gradient.
FL levels 1000-1200m for Germany, the far north of Austria, Switzerland and 1800m+ for South parts of Austria and Switzerland, and for Italy. The showers not as intense as over the weekend.

[attachment=133110:13 Alps +72.JPG]

[b]Tue 17 April [/b]-
Turning much colder overnight over the northern half of the Alps, some showers again but less than over recent day. Freezing levels recovering a bit by day, close to 1200-1500m north, around 1800m SW Austria, S Switzerland and NW Italy.

[b]Wed 18 April -[/b]
Very cold overnight to the NE of the Alps, showers continuing over night over central areas, some of these may be heavy, a front is set to push into western parts by morning, and this many merge with the showers, to give a more widespread area of precipitation, Freezing Levels similar to recent days.
[attachment=133111:13 Alps + 120.JPG]

[b]Thur 19 April and Fri 20 April -[/b]
Both days are looking rather unsettled with further outbreaks of precipitation some of which may be heavy. Freezing levels, again around the 1500-2200m area, always highest towards the South and East, and lowest to the west and north. [attachment=133112:Fri 13 Mar +168.JPG]

Altitude always makes a difference across the Alps, but never so much as this week, at lower levels, there will be a lot of rain, milder temps, washing away the snow, higher levels, and over 2000m is likely to see mostly snow, will see large snow accumulations, perhaps as much as 30-50cm in places. However, it will come a no surprise that altitude is needed this late in the season and here the end of the season will be far better than 2011.


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