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Netweather Alps Ski Conditions 20th April Summary




It has continued to be unsettled over the Alps, and much of the snow falling over higher slopes has been of snow, giving excellent skiing over the higher runs, however as we move further into April, more and more resorts close, but the majority will stay open until their designated end of season date.

A mixed picture over the Alps, rather unsettled but with some snow over higher slopes and resorts and some heavy falls in places as well.


[b]This week[/b]
A slight change in format going forward for the rest of the season with daily summaries containing all the info.

[b]Sat 21 April [/b]-

[attachment=133323:21 April 2012.JPG]

To start the week, there is low pressure centred over the UK, and this is giving lowish pressure over the Alps, with a SW feed but with from a coolish Returning Polar Maritime source. As a result this means more showers over the Alps during the day, these becoming more frequent in western parts of the Alps during the afternoon. Snow Levels ranging from around 1800-2000m, with further moderate accumulations possible. These showers continuing during the evening and overnight, perhaps with a more organised area of precipitation in NW parts, with the Snow levels dropping to 1200-1400m.
[attachment=133326:Sat 21 April Alps Sat 21.JPG]

[b]Sun 22 April [/b]-
By Sunday the more organised area of precipitation moving into E Switzerland and W Austria, before moving more into W Austria and Northern Central Italy by afternoon, some heavy bursts possible. Elsewhere, showers will again start to develop more widely during the afternoon. SL 1200 NW to 1600 SW, The main area of precipitation moving SEwards into Italy during the evening, remaining rather showery elsewhere, with SL to 1000m.
[attachment=133325:Sat 21 April Alps Sun 22.JPG]

[b]Mon 23 April [/b]-
Another rather unsettled day with some showers, not quite as heavy or as widespread as previous days [SL 1500-1900m], with another more organised area of precipitation moving into the west during the evening, this giving some very heavy bursts for France and Western Austria before midnight [SL 1200m to 1500m]
[attachment=133324:Sat 21 April Alps Mon 23.JPG]

[b]Tue 24 April [/b]-
[attachment=133330:Sat 21 april tues.JPG]

The overnight precipitation only moving slowly SE so that by 6m, heavy precipitation is currently forecast for SE Switzerland, Northern Central Italy, Liechtenstein and to a lesser extent Western Austria and parts of Germany. During the day it is set to push slowly further SE, with the precipitation risk moving away for SE Switzerland, apart from the far SE and more into Central Austria SL are 1400m on the back edge of the front to 1800m on the front edge, so some high snowfalls totals are possible on higher slopes. The precipitation only slowly moving away to the east during the evening. [attachment=133327:Sat 21 April Alps Tues 24b.JPG] [attachment=133328:Sat 21 April Alps Tues 24.JPG]

[b]Wed 25 April -[/b]
A slightly quieter day, with less in the way of showers, Higher Freezing levels as well closer to 1800 to 2400m.

[b]Thur 26 April and Fri 27 April -[/b]
[attachment=133329:Sat 21 april Thu.JPG]

Signs of it turning quite a bit quieter with less in the way of showers but always somewhat milder with freezing levels, above 2500m generally, as winds turn round to more of a SW direction, however given the pattern low confidence at this stage.

A Polar Maritime airflow is often conducive to give large amounts of snowfall over the Alps, and this week is no exception, of course with it being mid April, it does mean that lower resorts may see rain rather than snow, but this is no real surprise, and many of these resorts will already have closed for the season. Towards the end of the week, signs of some milder and sunnier weather in which to enjoy the fresh snow on the higher resorts.


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