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Stormchase 2012 - Day 9



We began the day in Hays, Kansas.
Todays risk was far up North so the plan for the day was to drive down to Hutchingson and visit the Space Museum there where they also have an IMAX cinema showing Sean Caseys "Tornado Alley".

Temperatures today were crazy. By 2pm it had reached 93F with winds around 40mph but a really dry heat.

The drive took us through some amazing scenery and fields of crops flowing like rivers in the wind.
We visited the historic town of Claffin with its wild west frontage as well as a fantastic disused Prarie house reminiscent of something out of a movie.

[attachment=134334:P1010297.JPG] [attachment=134335:P1010300.JPG]

[attachment=134336:P1010318.JPG] [attachment=134337:P1010323.JPG]

We met up with fellow chasers Dana and Chris from Arizona to watch Tornado Alley. An amazing movie and really impressive in IMAX.

Following the movie, we Met Aaron and Laura Hiscox and were kindly invited to their friends ranch near McPherson.
Twenty years ago they had lost everything when a EF4 tornado hit the previous ranch on the same site. Fortunately no one was injured, but after coming up from the basement shelter they found their home destroyed. The family have rebuilt a wonderful house on the site.

We spent an unforgettable evening at the ranch. Home made pizza and some great target shooting to finish the evening off.

[attachment=134338:P1010332.JPG] [attachment=134339:P1010337.JPG]


Saturday, our last chase day looks very promising in the Oklahoma Panhandle. High CAPE and potential for Large Hail, strong winds and the odd Tornado [img]http://cdn.nwstatic.co.uk/forum//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] Hopefully some good structure and a great chase day before heading home on Sunday.

Remember you can follow us live on the Netweather Stream at:[list]


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