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My Weather Diary Of Summer 2012: My Blog

A Winter's Tale


[center][b]JUNE DISCUSSION[/b][/center]

6th June:

Hello there folks, we've had a tops-turvy Spring and now we are in summer. The first we days were sunny but cold here in Glasgow with frosts in the highlands. Now, the Atlantic is up and running with a southerly tracking jet bring rain to all from the SW, however sunny sunny intervals between fronts are possible. It's worth following developments in the models and what the weather is like over the next wee while. Not long to the Euros soon, so an exciting month as I begin 5th year. So every few days, I'll give a round of of what the weather has been like, what I've been doing and so on.

9th June:

The Euros have started and I am looking forward to some good football. The weather recently has been interesting, not what you'd normally expect for summer as a more autumnal storm hit the SW. Today there has been floods in Wales. Here, we've had some periods of showery and bands of rain aswell as some brighter periods, generally cool and changeable. Could be worse, so it's not all that depressing yet but I would like to eventually see a change to something else, preferably more akin to summer. But I tend to appreciate all forms of British weather and accept and enjoy it but there are some weather types that I prefer to some others at different times of year.

14th June:

Hello. Been enjoying the football recently. The weather is less dull and wet as in recent days, but still, we haven't had wall to wall blue skies and 20C yet. But we've had sunshine and a bit of variety and some pleasant weather so that's good enough, but I would prefer to see something a bit warmer and something different eventually but I'm sure it will come and what we've currently got will do until we get that inevitable pattern change.

21st June:

Today is the lightest day of the year. After a 3 day spell of nice weather and wet, cool weather before that, today it is still windy, cool, cloudy and wet. It's nice to have some pleasant days but I would like to see some more sunshine and warmer days but plenty of time left and we've got to make the most out of this weather we've currently got.

23rd June:

Yesterday has a nice warm spell with 16C before we got a thunderstorm. Black skies before 2pm then brought rain with rumbles of thunder, a few flashed before becoming quite intense around 3pm. It then calmed down a bit but it's been wet today with some flooding in some parts of the UK.

[center][b]JULY DISCUSSION[/b][/center]

4th July:

Since I last updated, we've learnt that June was the wettest on record and one of the coolest and dullest too. There was some extreme storms with hail, floods and tornadoes too. Right now, well it's raining here but lot more muggy and warm than June was although things did warm up in the second half. Some sunshine at times though it's stil too short-lived for my liking and it looks like more wet weather is to come. I suppose I should make the most of any decent spells as it is looking wet. I hope that it won't be too dull and that things will change before the end of the month.

5th July:

Not my perfect day but a day that's more akin to summer with some sunny intervals, hazy skies, muggy and warm. Not exactly summer in its glorious form but definetly summer weather and I hope that we get more summer weather in its many shapes and forms in the latter part of summer - of course a bit of cool and wet weather from time to time but generally I'd like conditions not be like last month with less constant grey skies. Let's see how it goes but it looks like there could be yet more rain in the coming days.

8th July:

It's been a funny period of weather with lots of rain in the south with floods and it was muggy before becoming cooler. Some brightness at times but lots of rain about so the unsettled conditions continue. I'll hope to update a lot more detailed very soon.

11th July:

More overcast and wet conditions today but it's cleared up tonight.

14th July:

The past three days have been ideal - not spectacular - and nice for summer weather with less persistent rain and cloud cover, a bit variety and warmth and sunshine. A return to wet weather looks on the cards now, but let's see how it goes and I'll update on what it unfolds and what the summer is turning out to be.

16th July:

Yesterday evening didn't turn out too bad with some nice clear skies, today is a bit more overcast. I hope to update on the review for Spring, some finishing touches to winter and start summer. I also hope to update more sections in the blog.

18th July:

Today was meant to be a very very wet one but here in Glasgow we escaped the worst of the rain. The jet is set to move northwards thanks to the Azores high but here in Scotland may remain wet. Any further developments on this and other general stuff will be found here.

20th July:

Yesterday was a bit better with the odd shower but generally warmer, less wind and a bit of sunny intervals. Thin cloud here right now with some sunny intervals and temperatures of 17C with a breeze so pleasant July weather which has been illusive this year. High pressure is a major factor but the precise details will only be known closer to the time and I'll update you on this and the general weather. I hope to also look at the data and stuff of the weather of the past months of 2012 so far to make a really good review to use and look back on.

23 July:

Wet today and yesterday and quite cool too but last night was muggy. In the south of England it's much warmer/hotter and sunnier.

25th July:

The Olympics are here, and it was a very good summer day here. The temperature got up to 21C, it felt very pleasant and the sun and blue skies were pleasant so yes, a great day for summer weather here in Glasgow. Right now, I'm doing a review of the weather and past months here in Glasgow since the year that I can remember back to, so I can get a good record of the weather that happened and we can have a look at extremes, look back a particular months, seasons and years so this will be interesting once that's done. But that's in the past and there'll be a more detailed review of the weather of the months, seasons and overall weather of 2012 and we can use my records for previous years for comparisons. So we can have a good look at past weather, what the weather of this year has been and with this page you can get a daily and personal comment on the weather. I hope to update on this as much as I can as soon as possible. Come December 31st, it'll be good to see what the weather of 2012 was like and then start the Scotland Weather Central 2013 blog. See you soon.

26th July:

I'm back from watching two Olympic Football matches at Hampden Park which I enjoyed. And the weather today is great again, blue skies, pleasant temperatures, sunshine and we got 21C maxima too. How about that, eh?

28th July:

More unsettled, cooler with showers but some sunshine and better than Atlantic lows. I'll hope to update more detailed later!

29th July:

Today has been showery and cool at times but generally we've had sunshine and mostly blue skies for much of the day which is good. We'll see if this will last and soon I'll update on the reviews of 2012.

31st July:

Yesterday was showery with some nice sunshine but cool but a decent enough day for badminton in my back garden. Today started off lovely and felt quite warm in the sunshine but cloud increased from the west and the rain has arrived and will be here tomorrow.

[center][b]AUGUST DISCUSSION[/b][/center]

3rd August:

We are now into the third and final of month of summer 2012. Yesterday was fantastic with temperatures at around 20C, a little breeze and lovely blue skies and sunshine - brilliant summer weather. Today was a little wetter and very muggy with little/no wind but it was warm despite being a day akin to the wet and muggy side of summer. However right now we've got some late evening blue skies and with some clouds so all in all decent and satisfactory summer weather. And that theme should continue tomorrow with sunshine and showers, Sunday looks wetter, sunny showers on Monday and some rain on Tuesday - not spectacular but normal summer weather that can leave us all fairly content.

5th August:

Yesterday was a very decent one for summer weather. Started off nice and sunny, got very warm with maxima of 22C, then clouds started building up and it was fascinating to watch the convection build as Torrance largely missed the showers and stayed near the blue skies and sunshine. There were rumbles of thunder, some fascinating clouds and funnel clouds in the area too, then it cleared up in the night time with a nice moon and nice sky so all in all yesterday was an interesting, fun and pleasing day for weather in what has been a below par summer. Today wasn't as impressive, maxima of 15C, a lot duller, some rumbles of thunder and pretty wet but boy hasn't the Olympics been good - more updates on things soon!

8th August:

Yesterday was a day with a strong breeze but almost 15 hours of fantastic summer sunshine and blue skies aswell as a maxima of 19C - perfect. The night of the 17th was also a lovely one, calm, clear, a wee bit of a chill in the air, a few whispy clouds near the moon. Today started off with blue skies and sunshine and at lunchtime it's still here. I'm going to Lochgoilhead then Morar so I'll be away for a few days but with high pressure in charge, some settled weather is expected and good scenery so that's good and it's great to get away after receiving very decent exam results yesterday. I'll update you on things when I come back aswell as looking forward to other stuff in the future. See you soon.!

15th August:

Now, I give you an update on the previous days. Arrived at Lochgoilhead on the 8th with a lovely summer evening sky and nice clear night too. The following day was a bit windy with some fair cloud from time to time but some nice sunshine, blue skies and pleasant temperatures. The following day, I left to go to Morar and it was spectacular, fantastic scenery, warm temperatures and blue skies and sunshine aswell as a breeze - perfect - and the sunsets were great too. The following day was lovely, warm and sunny too with a breeze with a little more haze and the area was busy - it really is a lovely part of the world up there. The following day was also fantastic, windy, warm and sunny and I went to the beach but by the time we had left some rain had arrived. The Olympics closed when I arrived back in central Scotland. The following days were still decent enough with temperatures but with more rain around and yesterday after the showers the drive around the Campsies was fantastic with mist, and a fantastic late summer/autumnal look, a really nice atmosphere. Today started sunny but got windier before a front arrived and we had an impressive squall too. Tomorrow its back to school and back to hard work but the weather looks like staying warm and tomorrow should be sunny then the following days remain warm but a bit wetter and cloudier. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed the recent weather and days away and August is turning out to be a decent month and I'll hope to update more on the world of weather and AWT.

16th August:

Back at school today and a typical first day back with slate grey skies, then it got more humid with the threat of thunder with a few showers and then in the evening skies cleared up nicely! It's now overcast with rain arriving from Ireland and the next few days look warm/pleasant temperature wise, but quite damp and overcast unfortuantly - but nevermind, that's the Great British weather for you!

18th August:

Yesterday started off grey and wet then it got a bit warmer and sunnier with some nice clear skies and late sunshine and a nice night. There was some rain early today too but things warmed up and we had some nice sunshine with a few clouds so a nice summer's day - some rain is forecast tomorrow aswell as more cloud cover than today and possibly a degree or two cooler but the SE of England may see temperatures near 33C! Beyond that, a showery outlook which isn't bad in what has been without doubt the best month of summer 2012 without the pattern of endless deep low after deep low in June and July resulting in a lot more interesting month.

19th August:

Sunny and calm earlier before cloud then rain arrived - very heavy for a period too - and now skies have cleared to allow a cloudless and a starry night sky. It's certainly getting darker a lot earlier now too! A showery week is in store for us here. Expect more updates about the world of weather and AWT.

20th August:

Cloudy and wet earlier, showery and sunny later and now in the evening, mostly clear skies with a few clouds. It really hasn't been a bad month but, now we are looking forward to what Autumn can bring and also looking back on the weather this year so far and looking forward to the weather to come.

21st August:

Some showers earlier on and some heavy rain and cumulonimbus clouds lurking but it turned out brighter and it's a nice night witha purple clear sky with a few clouds.

22nd August:

Started off quite wild, more like a day of April showers. Fresh with some sunshine and regular showers and some cumilonimbus clouds and at earlier this morning there was a massive rainfall for a few minutes. It was sunny for some good periods in the afternoon but later in the evening skies were a little more overcast and now the night sky is purple/orange with light of the city reflected onto the clouds.

23rd August:

A few showers today but less than yesterday. Some nice spells of sunshine and blue skies earlier and I could sit in the back garden - there was a decent spell of pleasant summer weather in the afternoon. Then, cloud increased from the west and the rain from a front arrived and it was heavy at times.

24th August:

A mostly cloudy day with some rain at times but the sun also made a few appearances. Right now, mostly cloudy but quite thin cloud cover with some clear patches. Some showers tomorrow then a sunny Sunday then a wet Monday looks set - more details on reports and outlooks in the coming days.

25th August:

A cloudy but bright start then skies cleared for a bit too before some precipitation moved southwards and we got dark skies and a period of heavy rain. Now, calmer with thin and patchy cloud cover and some clear skies - lovely. A cool nigh could be instore too.

26th August:

Today was overall quite grey and dull with occasional periods when you could see some clear skies. Quite cool too, freezing on top of Cairngorm this morning. However, it's a little clearer now at night, some clear skies and able enough to see the stars and some patchy cloud cover - some of which on the horizon and appearing orange with the glow of Glasgow so quite nice and there's a nice moon low on the horizon - sometimes appearing through strips of clouds. Tomorrow however is going to be wet and windy.

27th August:

A wet, grey and windy day thinks to a front associated with low pressure coming off the atlantic. But in the coming days things should improve with less rainfall.

28th August:

After the threat of a few showers, today was windy, quite pleasant temperature-wise and sunny and lovely with blue skies and some nice clouds scattered in the sky and at night there are still a few clouds but mostly clear with a great moon.

29th August:

Some rain earlier after a front passed, then it cleared up with some impressive cumilonimbus clouds in the area but it remained largely dry, quite breezy and at times warm with nice sunshine and blue skies as storms affected other areas. It clouded over a bit in the evening but skies have cleared with a nice night sky and moon.

30th August:

Another very nice but cool day here. The temperature never really got above 15C but there was nice blue skies, sunshine with some fluffy clouds and no rain but it looked and felt more like April or October than August but you can get these type of days in late summer as we head towards autumn but you can't rule out some heat in September. A lovely cool night with clear skies, another great moon and cool with temps of 8C, and temperatures in the highlands are already at 2C after snow on the Cairngorms earlier. But the atlantic will come in as front brings a front and rainfall to end summer 2012 - typical!

31st August:

The last day of summer. Last night was very cold, -2C and an air frost in some highland regions, some record August minima for some sites and here in Glasgow, the minima was between 3-4C which is very low and it's always a milestone to see the temperature drop below the different temperature thresholds as you progress through the year and as we have generally left the height summer and are already on the slide to autumn and winter. But you can't rule summer warmth out in autumn as much as you can't rule out early (or late) seasonal frosts in summer. Today, started off cold, sunny with good visibility but cloud increased from the west with a front. And the air had that atlantic feel, with at times heavy and drizzly rain and very grey skies. Very cold too with maxima only at 13C. Now moon in sight tonight, an overcast sky but dry. So that's it for summer 2012 - the verdict is could do better but it wasn't exactly wall to wall, constant, neverending diabolical weather, far from it infact as there were decent days - particulary in August - but the consistency of persistent spells of disapointing weather for the time of year earlier on in the summer and spells of decent weather being short-lived. So hardly a complete disaster, but could do better is the verdict of summer 2012. That's it for summer 2012 and I'll have a detailed look back on the season aswell as other in-depth and general views of the weather, but for now, it's time to look forward to autumn 2012!


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