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Nick Miller At The Bbc



I see,hes trying to soften the blow with his current forecast..Its ok chaps we are having a pretty wet summer.. But lets look back at the past year and how dry its been oh and then look forward to next winter incase its dry.. JUST SAY IT.. Summer 2012 is going to be dimissal.. Please dont bring up how dry the weathers been in the past as some kind of saving grace.. Facts are we have not had a decent summer for 6 whole years..


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Thanks for the optimism you show in your posts mate.. I wish, i was has confident.Just seems no end to the bad weather..even the couple of days next week that are predicted to be nice.. won't turn out to be that great either in my personal opinion..
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22c forecast with lots of sun for Tuesday and Wednesday, also the met office outlook says

[quote]after quite a wet June for southern parts of the UK, the wettest weather looks more likely to transfer northwards towards western Scotland, which has otherwise had quite a dry month in comparison. So, often wet and breezy across northern parts, with occasional rain or showers elsewhere but perhaps with more in the way of drier and sunnier conditions than of late.[/quote]
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