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Weather Guide Monday 9th To Sunday 15th July (wet Wales And Central Midlands Specific)



[b]Cool and very unsettled, further showers or longer spells of rain at times[/b]

A couple of warmish days last week, still nothing especially warm yet this summer though. Rugby has already had more rain this year than in the whole of 2011. Long range models showing little sign of improvement, and almost certainly no proper dry, warm and sunny spell before the end of July, in fact it's shaping up to be as exceptionally wet as was June. As for the coming week, we will be lucky indeed to reach 70f at best or to get one completely dry day! It has rained on each day for the past 2 weeks here at Llanwnnen.

The low that has hung around for so many days, giving severe flooding to various parts of the UK, is finally heading off to Scandinavia. However, we are still within it's circulation until this Wednesday, with a cool north to north-west flow, it's origins up in the Arctic. There will be some pleasant sunny intervals at times early in the week, but with a noticeably cooler feel compared with this weekend. Still showers knocking about, these heavy with thunder in places, and even the chance of longer spells of rain at times too, these most likely later on Tuesday. Disappointing temperatures with the cloud and showers, maxima between 16 and 19c on Monday and Tuesday, then even cooler for Wednesday reaching just 15 to 17c at best. A cool north-west breeze for Wednesday especially.
[attachment=136701:brack1 cool rather showery early week.gif][attachment=136703:Rtavn602 cool showers or rain tue.png][attachment=136704:Recm722 very cool wed rain showers.gif][attachment=136705:Rtavn9017 v cool Wed.png]

It was looking as though a brief ridge of high pressure could give a dry interlude Wednesday into Thursday, but that chance has now all but disappeared, with any ridging immediately squeezed out by the next low coming in off the Atlantic. What this attempt at a ridge may do though is clear skies and give a chilly July night, temperatures down as low as 6c in the countryside. It may be a dry bright start on Thursday, at least for the Midlands, but cloud and rain soon spreads over to give quite a cool and wet day. This low is out over the North Sea by Friday, so a return to sunny intervals and showers, along with a cool west to north-west breeze. Some heavy and perhaps thundery downpours about for Friday, even merging into longer spells of rain.
[attachment=136706:brack4 briefest ridge early Thu to rain.gif][attachment=136707:Rtavn962 R squeezed out.png][attachment=136708:Rtavn10217 chilly night Wed.png][attachment=136709:Recm1202 nxt L rain thu to fri.gif][attachment=136710:Rtavn1144 wet Thu.png]

No respite next weekend, yes, there will be sunny intervals during which it feels quite warm, it is July after all, however still showers or longer spells of rain for most places, and no doubt with the ground as waterlogged as it could ever be in Summer, more flooding for various parts of the UK. We also remain on the cool side of the Jet Stream, and so 20c is the highest reading we would be likely to see.
[attachment=136711:Recm1682 same old...next weekend.gif][attachment=136712:Rtavn1682 cool unsettled next weekend.png]


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