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Weather Guide Monday 23rd To Sunday 29th July 2012 (west Wales And Central Midlands)



[b][b]Headline: Warm and mostly dry until late in the week[/b][/b]

April to July 2012 has already been the wettest such period in the 250 year England and Wales rainfall series, with an average of almost 20 inches falling in these soggy four months! At long last we are experiencing proper Summer weather with warm sunshine and dry days! It looks like the week ahead will turn even warmer with sunny spells and will be quite humid. Generally dry until Friday (start of the Olympics!) when it becomes cooler and unsettled.

Sunday is turning out surprisingly sunny and warm here in west Wales, but cloud cover should arrive at some stage during this afternoon, and even with a little drizzle for this evening. A dry and mostly sunny Sunday for the Midlands. We have a stand off between a ridge of high pressure over the south, and weak fronts straggling down from a deep Icelandic low, for the start of this week. What this means is a warm first half of the week, in fact becoming very warm for the MIdlands in particular, with decent sunny spells here. For west Wales during Monday and Tuesday there is the legacy of weak fronts over or close by to us, so that cloud may prove more of a headache here, perhaps even with some drizzle in places on Monday. Let's hope that the strong July sunshine burns through this and we join the Midlands with the warm, fairly sunny weather! Temperatures on Monday and Tuesday up to a very warm 25c for the Midlands, and even if west Wales ends up cloudier, still into the low 20's here, so feeling warm and humid.
[attachment=137330:brack0a warm dry mon.gif][attachment=137331:Rtavn421 R against front warm m dry.png][attachment=137332:Recm482 R kills off front Mon and Tue.gif]

Pressure is slack and winds very light for Wednesday, we continue to be in the warm humid air mass, however the straggling front may pep up and provide us with a few heavy showers in the afternoon, but most of us will stay dry and warm with sunny spells, temperatures reaching 23 - 26c. A warm, uncomfortable night to follow. Thursday is the last of the warm to very warm days, perhaps the warmest, 27c is possible for the Midlands - the highest readings since May. Again the warmth may set off a few afternoon downpours for some areas, but generally another dry day.
[attachment=137333:brack2a slack Wed few showers warm.gif][attachment=137334:Recm722 slack Wed few showers.gif][attachment=137335:Rtavn9017 very warm Wed.png][attachment=137336:brack4 Thu very warm threatens unsettled.gif][attachment=137337:Recm1202 hinting unsettled and cooler Fri.gif]

For Friday things turn unsettled and cool off. High pressure is now based out in the Atlantic, while low pressure orientates from the near Continent to Scandinavia. This drags down cooler north-easterly winds by the end of Friday, and the Continental low threatens thundery rain or showers, more especially for the Midlands later on Friday. However, on the whole, still quite a warm day with some sunny intervals. A cool unsettled weekend to follow with low pressure close by, some heavy, perhaps thundery showers for many places too. Temperatures by then failing to reach 20c once more. So a relatively short- lived taste of Summer this week!
[attachment=137338:Rtavn1381 Continental L showers FRi.png][attachment=137339:Recm1442 cooler unsettled FRi.gif][attachment=137340:Rukm1441 cooler unsettled Saturday.gif]

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