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July 31st Through The Ages.

Severe Blizzard


Heavy rain fell overnight and into the daytime as a thundery low moved N.E. over southern England. Fleet, Hants received 30.5 mm raiin on the 30th and another 37.5 mm on the 31st, a total of 68.0 mm in 24 hours (evening to evening).

2nd morning of a Cornwall holiday having driven down on the afternoon of the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding (29th July). Thundery showers moved north overnight. There was little rain in Cornwall but some very close lightning strikes. There was a direct strike on the milking Parlour at Great Pelean Farm, nr. Tywardreath, at 7:57 am. The thunder woke me up with a start as the strike was only 100 metres away. Heavy rain affected other parts of southern England with 19 mm in the evening recorded at Fleet.

A thundery low moved N.E. over Cornwall with torrential rain near Culdrose (11 mm measured in a makeshift rain gauge while having a coffee in the afternoon). Only 1.5 mm at Great Pelean Farm. A cold front moving S.E. merged with the thundery rain over the S.W. with some good totals in southern England. Cooler and very windy in a fresh N.W.ly in Cornwall later as the cold front was less active further west.

Heavy overnight rain with 25 mm at Fleet. Rain affected Pavarotti Concert in London.

Thundery shower in late afternoon at Guildford. 7 mm rain.


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