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Very Early First Look At Winter 2012/2013



[size=3]Before I start bear in mind I am using the CFS model data and looking out to 6 months so things are likely to change I am just looking at early signs and what its saying at the moment.[/size]

[b]Rainfall Averages,[/b]

[b]October:[/b] Average for most but below average in Northern Ireland and Scotland.
[b]November:[/b] Average.
[b]December: [/b]Average.
[b]January:[/b] Average.
[b]February: [/b]Average for South and below average for North.

[b]Temperatures[/b] looking average for the UK all through the winter but most of Europe does look to get cold weather in December.

[b]Current Long Range Outlook Based On CFS,[/b]

[b]October:[/b] High pressure for the first 20 days, becoming more unsettled and slightly colder in the final 11 days.

[b]November:[/b] First 2 weeks we have high pressure over Greenland and Iceland so the UK has colder weather and unsettled in Western parts. 3rd week very strong PV over Greenland but the UK is under a massive high pressure system. Final week unsettled and stormy.

[b]December:[/b] First 2 weeks staying unsettled and stormy but shows signs of improvement in the 3rd week with cold weather. The final goes back to being unsettled.

[b]January:[/b] High pressure for most of the month so looking settled then in the final week things get a lot colder.

[b]February:[/b] Stays cold for the first half but for the second half goes back to unsettled stormy weather.

[b]March:[/b] High pressure mainly in charge with short cold spells.

Thanks for reading that is what the CFS has to say for our winter at the moment and it will change. I will update this in a months time.


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