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1st August Through The Ages

Severe Blizzard


Heavy overnight rain as cold front clears S.E. introducing cooler air. 8.5 mm overnight at Fleet and 27 mm at Guildford. Much of this rain was thundery.

An unsettled interlude in an otherwise 'good' summer. Windy evening with heavy rain in Cornwall which moved east. Heavy showers to follow with tornado near Doncaster or Conningsby. (?).

Heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon in Guildford. 12 mm or so and parts of the town were flooded.

A very hot day. Max. temp. 33 deg. C. Development of afternoon thunderstorms which were few and far between and scattered. Thunder at Guildford and this development moved west to give a severe storm and 75 mm+ rain over Cardiff.

Major development of storms over S.E. with quite severe thunderstorm moving S.W. near Guildford in afternoon. 27 mm rain fell at East Horsley but much less in Guildford. There was a major development to the south of the town in the afternoon where hail fell. A tornado was reported near Guildford but little is known about this development.

Maximum temperature 31.5°C. Thundery shower from 1437 to 1455. Torrential bursts of rain with clear irregular shaped hail 5~8mm dimensions, between 1438~1441. 4.5mm rainfall. Large Cb to north after 1630. During the shower there was hazy blue sky to the south and north. This development was quite small and intensified as it moved N.W.


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