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6th August Through The Ages

Severe Blizzard


Big thunderstorm reported from Fleet in morning from about 7 am to 11 am. 25.5 mm rain fell. I was away in Cornwall and missed this event. Although I have always enjoyed thunderstorms, this was before my interest in weather really developed - that happened 5 months later with the fantastic snowy and cold 1981~1982 winter and thundery 1982 summer.
This storm was more severe at Guildford and records show about 32 mm rain fell in two distinct storms, one before 8 am and the other after 10 am.

No thunder event locally - but towering cumulus developed as they moved west from Fleet dumping over 50 mm rain on areas near Basingstoke, as thunderstorms broke out.

A dull and humid morning with the promise of thunder and heavy rain seemed to be a letdown. At 12:30 pm, the sky became very dull and there was sudden torrential rain after 1 pm with a few good flashes and bangs to follow. I recorded 25 mm rain at Guildford but my friend at East Horsley nearby had 44 mm. August 1997 was beginning to get its thundery reputation.

The heat increases and a lovely hot and sunny day saw temperatures reach 34 deg. C. This was thought to be the peak of the heatwave at the time. There was more excitement to come as the hot air continued to push north from a scorching hot and arid France in the next few days.

A disappointing thundery outbreak. See a couple hours of distant lightning to the east as a 'Kent clipper' moves N.E. and intensifies just missing Sussex and Surrey. This was the beginning of the current storm-starvation period we have been suffering for far too long now!

Another plume event like the previous year but with more rain and very little thunder. 24.0 mm fell at Fleet with a morning thunderstorm. 12.2 mm fell at Guildford in the evening as another pulse of heavy and less thundery rain moved north.


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