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Weather Guide Monday 13th To Sunday 19th August 2012 (west Wales And The Midlands)



[b]Headline: Unsettled, rain and showers, heavy at times, with warm, drier intervals between[/b]

A mostly dry and warm week just gone, Llanwnnen reached 80f on Friday. Flashes of lightning here last night , but the thunderstorms stayed in the distance. A good dose of rain to come this week, especially for west Wales, but with warm, sunny intervals between times, these more likely for the Midlands. However, dry days at a premium in the coming week.

A rather warm and humid Sunday afternoon, with some showers, and thunder possible for parts of the Midlands too. Low pressure is approaching the south- west of Ireland tonight bringing rain into west Wales. Further rain at times on Monday morning for Wales, this moving east into the Midlands in the afternoon. Brighter with some showers about for Wales in the afternoon, and eventually brightening over the Midlands too. Temperatures near the August average reaching 20 - 22c.
[attachment=138251:brack0a (1) Mon rain to some showers.gif]

A complex area of low pressure to our west then controls the weather throughout the rest of the coming week. At least this means generally southerly winds and so not a cool week. However plenty of rain and showers to come, especially for the west. Tuesday is a straightforward mix of sunshine and showers, these heavy in places, but some places missing them altogether. A warm front brings some drizzle and a warm sticky night to follow. Quite a deep low develops over Ireland on Wednesday which could well turn out a wet and windy day, some quite large rainfall totals possible for west Wales. Temperatures suppressed where it stays wet, no higher than 20c, but warm and humid should it brighten over the Midlands. Another day of sunshine and showers for Thursday, these widespread and very heavy in places, with some thunderstorms about too. Temperatures again around average.
[attachment=138252:brack2a DL wet windy Wed.gif][attachment=138253:Recm962 DL Ire wet windy Wed.gif][attachment=138254:Rtavn841 DL S Ire Wed.png][attachment=138255:brack4 showery breezy Thu.gif][attachment=138256:Rtavn1022 unsettled windy Thu.png]

During Friday we get another push of warm and humid air across the UK, with some further rain at times, especially once more for west Wales, and perhaps thundery in nature? A rather warm, humid day into the low 70's f. Next weekend also looking warm but unsettled, further rain or showers for many of us.
[attachment=138257:Rtavn1322 warm push Fri some rain esp west.png][attachment=138258:Recm1442 warm plume Fri.gif][attachment=138259:Rtavn15617 poss warm plume weekend.png][attachment=138260:Recm1682 warm unsettled weekend.gif]


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