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Guide Monday 20th To Sunday 26th August 2012



[b]Headline: Often dry and quite warm; unsettled and cooler with rain at times for the Bank Holiday weekend[/b]
August has so far proven a rather warm but unsettled month, a vast improvement on the first half of Summer! During the past week Llanwnnen has received almost 2 inches of rain and it's pouring this morning, so a wet week. This weekend has been warm but nothing compared with South-east England which reached 32c on Saturday - the hottest of the Summer so far. Sunday will be equally hot for the south-east, and very warm for the Midlands with some more sunshine before possible storms arrive. A fairly dry week ahead and often quite warm, but with the prospect of spells of rain and blustery showers over the August Bank holiday weekend.

A waving trough is giving the heavy rain over Wales today, while the Midlands is very warm with some sunny spells. Chance of some thunderstorms for the Midlands later this afternoon or this evening. The rain will have cleared west Wales by this evening, with a dry night to follow.

With low pressure anchored well to the north-west of Ireland early in the coming week and with pressure fairly high over southern Britain, Monday and Tuesday will be generally dry and bright, with just a few showers developing, more especially over west Wales, but quite a few places escaping these altogether. There is the chance of a longer spell of light rain moving east on Tuesday afternoon, but some doubt over this. Pleasant sunny spells and on the warm side for the end of Summer, maxima between 20 and 23c for both Monday and Tuesday.
[attachment=138715:brack0a mostly dry R Mon.gif][attachment=138716:brack1a possible lsr Tue pm.gif]

Wednesday a touch cooler and breezy, but still mostly dry but more in the way of cloud, and just the odd light shower in places. A little bump of high pressure gives a dry and quite warm day Thursday with decent sunny spells, temperatures into the low 70's f for many. The mostly dry weather hanging on into Friday for the Midlands, but the next low is slowly approaching Ireland bringing rain into west Wales during the day, although perhaps not until late on. Friday may well be a warm and quite humid day temperatures reaching 22 to 24c, where the rain holds off that is!
[attachment=138717:Recm722 touch cooler breezy few showers Wed.gif][attachment=138718:Rtavn842 cooler breezy Wed.png][attachment=138719:brack4 dry bright warm Thu.gif][attachment=138720:Rtavn1082 just about dry Thu.png][attachment=138721:Recm1202 low rain to west Fri.gif][attachment=138722:Rtavn1264 rain from west Fri.png][attachment=138723:Rtavn1322 turning unsettled Fri.png]

This low pressure is over the UK next weekend with showers or longer spells of rain affecting all parts, some of these heavy. The Bank Holiday weekend looks rather cool and windy, with temperatures unlikely to better 21c. Yet another low may well spoil Bank Holiday Monday with further rain and perhaps strong winds. All in all quite an Autumnal look to the end of August.
[attachment=138724:Rtavn1681 rather cool unsettled weekend.png][attachment=138725:Recm1682 rain and showers weekend.gif]


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