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Weather Guide August Bank Holiday Monday To Sunday 2nd September 2012



[b]Headline: Rather cool, sometimes windy, rain or showers at times to Thursday. Dry and warm start to September[/b]

A short drier interlude for a few days last week for most of us, although the Lampeter area did get heavier and more widespread showers on Tuesday than anticipated!. The Aberystwyth area had thunderstorms during Friday, but yet again these evaded the Llanwnnen area! The Midlands experienced heavy showers and thunderstorms on Saturday.. August is turning into another thoroughly wet month for west Wales, with well over 4 inches rainfall here at Llanwnnen, and still a few more days to go to tot up more. Further rain at times this week, sometimes windy, and fairly cool too, but drying up Friday with a warm weekend in prospect.

Sunday is a bright dry day to make the most of before tomorrow's rain. Temperatures around the average reaching 19 - 21c. A deep low sat to the north-west of Ireland will bring rain and wind for Bank Holiday Monday (typical!). Rain arrives into west Wales early in the morning, with this then on and off well into the afternoon before it turns brighter with some showers. Some heavy and possibly thundery showers during Monday evening for west Wales. The rain will have reached the Midlands around lunchtime, and it stays cloudy with rain at times well into the evening here. A fresh to strong south-west wind. Quite a cool day given the cloud, wind and rain, temperatures reaching 17 - 20c at best.
[attachment=139105:brack0a Mon DL rain and windfrom W.gif][attachment=139106:Rtavn364 rainy BHM.png][attachment=139108:Recm482 rain to showers BHM.gif]

Tuesday is a bright and breezy day with sunny intervals and a few showers, most of these light. Temperatures around average. The next Atlantic low is dumb-belling towards Ireland about it's parent system bringing more rain into west Wales during Tuesday night. This band of rain moves through quite quickly and should have cleared west Wales by early Wednesday morning, while at the same time arriving in the Midlands. Sunny spells and showers, heavy at times, for west Wales throughout Wednesday, with the brighter, showery weather reaching the Midlands during the afternoon. Another rather cool day on Wednesday. The low pressure is moving away towards Scandinavia during Thursday and we are left with a cool north-west air- stream and plenty of showers, more especially for the Midlands. The showers perhaps dying down across west Wales during the day, with more in the way of sunny spells here as the afternoon goes on. A rather cool and breezy day temperatures only reaching 17 - 19c.
[attachment=139107:brack1a bright breezy Tue.gif][attachment=139109:Recm962 rain to showers Wed.gif][attachment=139110:Rtavn781 dumb-belling L Ire rain to showers Wed.png][attachment=139111:brack4 Cool showery Thu.gif][attachment=139112:Rtavn1081 cool rather showery Thu.png]

High pressure then takes over across at least southern Britain as we head into September! The ridge arrives Friday so a mostly dry day with sunny spells, however still on the cool side with a keen westerly breeze, temperatures not reaching 20c. High pressure is then centred over or close to southern England during next weekend. So, next weekend and into the start of September is looking dry and warm with sunny spells, an ideal opportunity to get to the beach before Autumn proper arrives!
[attachment=139113:Rukm1441 dry R Fri Sat.gif][attachment=139114:Recm1442 Sat H south dry q warm.gif][attachment=139115:Rtavn1621 H south Sat.png][attachment=139116:Recm1682 strong warm H weekend.gif][attachment=139117:Rtavn18617 warm dry Sunday.png]


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