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Well finally manage to persude my naughty computer to re-install the scanner software so finally I have a picture of MiniLoo to show you :D Today we ventured into the centre of York (don't usually bother with the centre - too busy and expensive to park/eat etc) For once I actually managed to buy something for me :) A knee length wraparound flared skirt (v trendy for me) and a top from Kookai (sp) Bought little fella "The Magic Roundabout" DVD, then returned home where I went to sleep for an hour or so ;) Had thought about doing another Car Boot sale tomorrow to get rid of some more stuff but I'm too tired :o Lazy day at home, doing some baking etc while hubbie watches the Grand Prix no doubt :)gallery_46_66_123788.jpg


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how lovely Katie :D I seriously hope I get the chance to experience another pregnancy again - last time I wasnt in the 'right frame of mind' and I missed out on so much!

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awwww Katie :D

Take care of yourself and your precious little cargo :wub:


S xx

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Oooooo Katie....you have one of them funny little ghostly shaped things growing in you too!!!

No, seriously: wow!!!! You must be loving it all.... :D:D:D

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