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My Weather Diary of December 2012

A Winter's Tale


December 1st: Welcome to winter, and a fantastic way to start it with another sub 5C maxima, frost and fantastic sunshine and wintry scenes aswell as some snow showers across parts of Scotland. But there was a lot of ice on surfaces this morning - very dangerous.

Went for a drive this afternoon with another fantastic wintry sunset and dusk, magical winter colours and shadows to everything. There was some snow on the Campsies, plenty of icy slushy deposits on the roads. The Queen's View had a fantastic view of the snow covered mountains (down to 1500ft) all the way from the Luss Hills to the Ochills. The Trossachs looked stunning and frozen, took a trip around Aberfoyle through wonderful rich Scottish scenery before taking an icy drive through Duke's Pass with a fantastic view of the snow covered Ben Ledi. Loch Venachar looked great as the calm water reflected the sky during dusk. Also another fantastic view looking south above the Lake of Menteith. All in all a fantastic journey through magical Scottish countryside and atmospheric, wintry weather.

Currently -2C at Glasgow Airport and I wonder whether tonight we'll see the temperature drop below the coldest this season (-5C) or even the coldest this year (-7C). In other parts of the UK we've already seen ice days this season and the coldest so far is -7C, hopefully the first -10C of the season tonight. It's shaping up nicely for the first snowfall of December 2012 during Sunday night in many areas and there's a potential for the biggest snowfall of the year for some. The mountains will be pasted, rural areas should also be pasted and even many parts of central lowlands could potentially be pasted. I'd say that parts of Lanarkshire, Stirlingshire, Falkirk into Perthshire and parts of Fife could do very well out of this event and I was delighted to see that Ian Fergusson mentioned that Glasgow could get a serious dumping. The lying snow could be short-lived here, nonetheless it'll be fantastic to see snowfalling, hearing snow reports from elsewhere and potentially to have a wonderful, Scottish-wide significant snow-event. It'll be good to have the first significant and lying snow event of the season out of the way so that we can enjoy the rest of the season without chasing and sweating over snow events. Of course, as ever during any snow event, it's a matter of nowcasting considering all the variables and factors regarding snowfall. Next week is looking staying cool before we get another northerly. A great way to start winter and there's a lot look forward to regarding the interesting developments regardining synoptics and I'm looking forward to the weather that lies infront of us.

2nd December:

EPIC: Coldest temperature since February 2012, low of -6C and a very cold night - -8C at Loch Glascarnoch and an ice day there. Joint coldest day of the year here with maximum temperature of 2C. Magnificent sunshine, hard frost and wintry scenes - you can well and truly smell winter in the air with snow showers in northern parts. Front moving in from the west, cloud increased this evening and then came the snow - 3rd this season - see my signature, my diary and you'll get more detail there. First snow of the season at Glasgow airport. Wonderful seeing snow steadily falling through the glow of the lampost and the noise of it landing on surfaces. And because of the cold surfaces it lay very quickly and it has snowed from around 9pm to now 11pm. Best snowfall since December 2011 here, the first proper lying snow of the year and the season ensuring that we continue our series of winters that deliver the goods and it's great to have it in December. Snow depth now 3cm, cars, roofs, roods, trees and everything is white. It's a winter wonderland, the wonderful sound of snow falling and the quite sound of the areas. Vivid and wonderful wintry scenes, most of it should melt by tomorrow morning but hey it's great to have a significant snow event out of the way, to have good memories from the winter already in what has been a very decent cold spell and start to winter. Some more comment and plenty of pics tomorrow.

3rd December

It snowed till around 2am - last wintry precipitation was at around 9am in a shower once the band had cleared. The maximum depth was 4cm and it was one of the days that I love winter for is a proper day of lying snow. It rained quite a bit in the showers - maximum temperature 4C so snow was at threat of melting but it has survived and there's still a winter wonderland outside - roofs, graff is still covered in snow but there has been a melt, now 2cm. Cold outside, went to check the snow depths and the driveway was an icerink. The coming days are looking active, on the cold side and wintry as the wonderful cold spell continues aswell as the bonus of the lying snow that has confirmed that already the winter 2011/2012 has delivered. I hope to enjoy the rest of the snow, cold spell and the weather during the coming days aswell as getting into the festive period - and there's the potential for very interesting winter synoptics later this month. Interesting times ahead of us and content times we are in now. Perhaps once the snow and this cold spell is over, I'll upload the pictures and look back at the stats/events. Certainly I can already tell you that this has been the best snowfall and quite possibly the best cold spell of 2012...so far! Currently fantastic clear skies with stars, cold and with a blanket of snow on the ground - looks like the lying snow should be present during three different and consecutive days.

4th December - 11pm

The tree is up yet to be decorated. Maximum temperature 2C (joint coldest of this year) with a low of -2C. Snow cover has stayed all day - I went for a walk in the very cold evening and observed a depth of 2-3cm on the pavement and concrete - seemingly between 4 and 7cm on the grass but I think that could be the influence of the length of the grass. Nevertheless, not only do we have a fantastic, classic white landscape it has stayed for three different days and about to be four days which is just so pleasing for winter to have a spell of such wonderful winter scenes of fantastic looking lying snow for a duration of days - it's nice to have the snow on the ground for a while. There was freezing fog during much of this morning keeping the temperature around freezing - the area looked fantastic with lying snow but the pavements where lethal with ice on the foot steps. The fog cleared in the afternoon and conditions become overcast as snow fell in northern and eastern parts of Scotland. The temperature went up to 2C when the fog cleared as the weak band edged closer to the central belt. It brought a few snow flakes here so we've had three days of falling snow here and also at Glasgow airport - on top of that many consecutive days of maxima below 5C and minima below freezing with some of the coldest weather of the year and by far the snowiest and just in time for the festive period. Tomorrow is looking like another cold but sunny day - it could be coldest maximum temperature at Glasgow Airport this year with a bit of luck. A cold night to follow but a band of rain could potentially end the run of sub 5/0C maxima/minima but in doing so it could bring some snow here and elsewhere. After that it stays chilly, possibly wintry and certainly changeable for a while and into next week there are interesting synoptic developments, possibly more blocked so something to keep an eye on.

5th December

A very cold start with temperature of -5C, it briefly warmed up to 4C in the afternoon so that's now day 8 of this great cold spell. No snow today, but very wintry with a frozen landscape and a crystal clear sky and very wintry looking sky too with the low sun. The wonderful golden colours, the dark mornings and the colours at dusk with a pink glow on the horizon at sunset. And the snow cover of 2cm, very icy, makes for a very wintry scene on the ground. So very wintry and seasonal scenes and moods in a very good period of wintry weather. This eveing has been very cold with the temperature constantly at -5/-6C here so the coldest temperature this season so far at Glasgow Airport and the first -10C of the season at Loch Glascarnoch. Also some snow in England today as a band moved south and some snow showers in northern and eastern areas. A crystal clear sky, with stars tonight but tomorrow a band of rain should meet the cold air - so there could be another snowfall, it should turn back to rain but there may be some accumilations here and certainly in other areas with elevation. A very active, more unsettled day and the next 5 days are looking like staying on the cold/cool side, less wintry prospects after tomorrow. But this could be a transition between this cold spell and the next, and indeed the next cold spell could be very special with a Scandi block, possible retrogression to Greenland. A solid trend for the general location of the block and this could open the door to a very seasonal and possibly significant period of wintry weather, some biblical charts today with easterlies so this will make for very interesting times ahead of us.

6th December

No snow observed today, I woke up to rain and it seemed like it precipitation was mostly rain from the atlantic system. Maximum temperature of 5C, minimum of -5C in the early hours so the cold spell continues and there was still a very decent covering of snow in the early hours. A decent cover throughout the day but temperatures hovering at 3/4C and plenty of rain with heavy showers following the front has led to snow melt so in places where people have been walking, near busy roads and under trees there is no snow cover but in some gardens, fields and some pavements there there's still snow cover. It's currently raining but there has been snow in parts of Fife and Perthshire as a front moves southward, it may turn to snow here. Tomorrow could be a cold day but for the weekend it should be a bit milder and next week is looking like a return to cold weather.

7th December

Well the cold spell has ened. Maximum temperature of 8C which ends the run of sub 5C days but there is an air frost tonight. The morning started off very cold with ice on the cars and there was some lovely wintry sunshine and wintry colours throughout the day. And today was another day with lying snow, there's still a covering in many gardens, some pavements, even some roofs and roads - variable but still a lying snow day. The Campsie Fells looked pretty white this morning and I went on a drive towards Strathblane in the late afternoon, a wonderful wintry sunset and colours combined with a decent covering of lying snow on the ground and the mountains in particular. A cold, clear, calm and starry night right now. This weekend looks a little bit milder (maxima of 6-8c) but becoming colder later on Sunday and into the start of next week but a lot of uncertainty remains regarding the details. As promised as the cold spell has finished here is a gallery of the wonderful snow earlier this week: [url="http://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/album/1165-snow-early-december-2012/%20details"]http://forum.netweat...r-2012/ details[/url]. At Glasgow airport, we've had 14 consecutive air frosts since November 24th, 9 consecutive days with temperatures below 5C between November 28th and December 6th. On 6 days the minimum temperature has been below -5C, aswell as the joint coldest maximum temperature of the year on 3 days (2C). Plus snowfall on 3 (consecutive) days, lying snow on 6 consecutive days and a depth of 4cm and in addition, the lovely wintry scenes, weather and colour that we've seen during this cold spell. A very decent period of wintry weather and a fantastic way to start the winter and already in the first week of winter, 2012/2013 and December has delivered.

8th December:

There was still a covering of snow this morning and another air frost with a low of -2C at Glasgow Airport. However the position of the high pressure further south in the British Isles extending westwards into the atlantic has allowed some atlantic systems to influence the weather in Scotland so things have become milder today with periods of rain - temperatures now rising to around 8/9C. There was some clear spells at times in the afternoon and tonight the cloud cover should flood southwards whilst clear skies follow in Scotland in Sunday. Temperature should also fall on Sunday and the start of next week is looking like another seasonal, cold and seasonal spell just after the very decent wintry period we've just experienced. Thereafter it's not very clear as the Atlantic tries to return to the British Isles but the Siberian high could have a bit of fight in it. It makes for interesting times, certainly another cold spell after a very good period of seasonal, wintry weather is makes for a very satisfying start to winter. Also, I've got 1 out of the 2 Christmas trees up and decorated!

9th December:

A much better day - maximum temperature of 9C in the early hours with some rain, 1C at Glasgow airport at 11.20pm with a crystal clear, starry, calm night. Some fantastic sunshine and clear skies today with nice wintry colours with dusk coming in the afternoon. Winds are now from an origin of cold air so the next 3-4 days are looking seasonal, calm, clear and cold - possibly a chance of snow duringthe breakdown - after that there could be a battle between the atlantic and the block to the east - intruiging!!!

10th December:

And on the 10th day of December the weather gave to me.....a cold frosty morning, fantastic sunny skies, lovely wintry colours, maxima of 6C, a cold starry evening and a low of -5C . And the next two or three days are looking cold too as the run of many consecutive frosty days continues - very impressive. And as I've said yesterday there could be a snowy breakdown this week as the models continue to map a particulary uncertain run-up to Christmas. Hopefully I'll be able to get the other tree up soon!

11th December:

Officialy the coldest day of the year here. A very cold morning with a minimum temperature of -8C at Glasgow Airport (the coldest since late December 2010!) and a maximum temperature of 0C in the afternoon (the coldest since January 2011). That is very impressive and just about rounds off what has been a excellent December so far. And today's weather was seasonal and pleasant with wonderful wintry scenes and colours with calm, largely clear and sunny conditions with a mixture of haze on the horizon, some mist and some wall to wall blue skies as shadows and colours change during the sun's short duration in the sky. Also the wonderful green, glittering surfaces from quite a hard frost. A cold evening with temperature dropping to -6C at one stage but cloud cover increased and so has the temperature but nonetheless it looks tomorrow will be yet another day with an air frost. Tomorrow should be another cold day, possibly a little cloudier with a small risk of wintry flurries before the atlantic returns but details are yet to be clarified regarding key players such as the Scandi/Siberian block and co. so the outlook in the run-up to Christmas remains in the balance.

12th December:

Another very cold day here with a minimum temperature of -6C and a maximum temperature of 0C with frost staying all day in the grass. It was a relatively bright day but there were variations between bright and cloudy and clear but it was a clear, cold dawn and dusk with fantastic wintry scenes. There was also some snow flurries during the early hours. So this wintry start to December continues and this December is already looking impressive with the coldest and snowiest weather of the year - infact the run of consecutive days with an air frost since the 24th November could be the longest since I can remember at Glasgow airport. And the lowest maximum/minimum values are already colder than last winter. This evening it also went down to -11C at Loch Glascarnoch with ice, fog and cold wintry weather across the British Isles. Tonight there is an area of precipitation moving north and it's close to Glasgow - snow is forecast for western and central parts of Scotland and expected accumilations so possibly there could be another snowfall and importantly another event with lying snow which would be fantastic in this seasonal and excellent start to winter. Another cold and wintry day tomorrow before becoming milder and unsettled afterwards with the run of air frosts ending but already this month has been a success and with 18 days to go until the New Year - I'm looking forward to the remaining weather of 2012.

13th December:

There was some snow during the early hours and I woke up to a dusting of snow on pavements, some roads, cars etc and grey, wintry looking skies throughout the area with some snow grains throughout the morning. Another cold day with a low of -1C and a maximum temperature of 2C as December 2012 has already beaten 2011 in terms of air frosts and almost everything else bar the snow - having said that this month has been pretty decent for snow here. The dusting of snow disapeared very quickly and it was a cold afternoon with more a breeze that made things feel very little and the sun came out a bit in the afternoon and there was one last wintry sunset before the atlantic comes back tomorrow with milder temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds. The general theme for the weekend and into next week is unsettled, changeable and not as cold as recently but December 2012 will go down as a good winter month as far as I'm concerned but it would be nice to have some more wintry and seasonal weather in the second half and a white Christmas would be especially nice. And if January and February 2013 have a continuation of the sort of weather we've had so far this December then that would be great.

14th December:

It was a cold, start with the 14th air frost of the month with a low of -1C. However it was cloudier with influence of milder winds coming from the south however the combination of a breeze and cold temperatures was absolutely bitter. Then in the afternoon the rain arrived and it wasn't all that pleasant - temperatures reached a high of 5C at Glasgow airport so the cold spell continued but tomorrow should be milder. And the indeed the following days should be milder than of late and also unsettled but we await further details.

15th December:

A milder day today with a low of 3C and maximum temperature of 8C. Also it was very much an atlantic day with overcast skies, quite dark too in the evenings. The coming days may also see temperatures near to/above average with some fairly average December weather - possibly on the cloudy side with the threat of showers. Great uncertainty about what will happen in the run-up to Christmas but all will be clear as time goes by.

16th December:

Quite mild today with maximum and minimum temperatures of 8 and 5C respectively. A cloudy start with some pockets of sunshine before these breaks became much larger to make for some bright sunshine as the sun set in the afternoon and also a crescent moon was in sight.So through this afternoon and evening the sky was half clear/cloudy with a stars in the deep pruple of the night sky amongst thin, scattered clouds tinted by the orange glow of Glasgow. The unsettled theme should continue for a whilse but it remains very uncertain as we see a battle between Scandi/Siberian block and the Atlantic - there are a variety of outcomes but no one really knows what wil happen for Christmas but this will make for good model watching and hopefully with a result of seasonal weather.

17th December:

A quiet day. Calm, mostly cloudy and grey with poor visibility at times but some clear pockets and I was able to see the stars in the evening. Some unsettled weather to come this week, a knife-edge easterly and God knows what next. Maximum at Glasgow airport 6C, min 4C.

18th December:

Another quiet day here with calm and fairly average conditions with a high of 7C and a low of 3C. There was some clear periods, particulary in the afternoon when a crescent moon could be seen aswell as the colours of the sky at dusk in December. However the sky was mostly cloudy this evening but quite a thin layer of cloud with the orange glow and some patches of the clear, dark night sky. A wet day instore for many areas of the British Isles with a risk of flooding in south west England. However there is certainly a brief chance of an easterly and snow for parts of Scotland for a time in the coming days the but confidence is very low at a very short-range so changes are expected. It doesn't look like this Christmas will be a white one, it could be positively mild, but a few changes here and there could allow for something wintry and seasonal and that emphasises the uncertainty. Nevertheless it is the season to be jolly and it's worth enjoying the festive period and to have a merry Christmas regardless of the weather.

19th December:

Shocking conditions here in the afternoon it what was a grey and benign day - once the front arrived, skies became very dark and very heavy rain was dumped all over the region for a period - poor visibility today and mild with maxima 7C and minima 5C. And Flooding concerns continue in the run-up to Christmas across parts of Scotland and the rest of the UK. It looks like the south easterly flow for the weekend is not looking as promising as it has been on past runs but some parts could see some brief wintryness from it - especially Shetland. Christmas Day could be unsettled - who knows whether it will be a white one but with a bit of luck, if the charts during the coming days ugrade the uppers in the north westerly flow later on the big day then there could indeed be a white christmas for some. After seeing the potential for eastern areas during this weekend be downgraded - for Boxing day - the focus switches to more western areas with potential for snow showers to be fed inland in a decent north westerly flow.
So all and all, the model output is particulary changeable at the moment and at short time-frames aswell. There's some certainly some active weather to be looking out for during the run-up to Christmas and at the same time there's the potential for some festive magic - and although it's near impossibe to define what could follow in the new year, I'd say that things are looking decent for a more enhanced potential for wintry joy across Scotland during the rest of the winter.

20th December:

Another dreich day with further heavy rain and temperatures of 6/4C at Glasgow Aiport making for unpleasant wintry conditions and flooding problems and of course very dark as we approch the solsitice. The unsettled theme continues in the run-up to Christmas but the big day itself could see a north westerly flow and potentially a white christmas. It's also looking interesting beyond with a wintry end to December judging on latest runs. Interesting developments that could unwrap itself during the festive period.

21st December:

The winter solsitce today but there were no clear skies to observe the dusk and dawn. Some wet conditions overnight with grey, quite damp conditions lasting into the afternoon and big flooding problems further east in Scotland. At Glasgow airport the maxima/minima was 6/5C and right now there are a few clear patches in the night sky. This weekend is looking very wet and also quite windy with more flooding concerns. Christmas Day could be drier, cooler and possibly a chance of snow but the potential of wintry weather increases after Christmas.

22nd December:

A very dark day today. I woke up at 12pm thinking it was 9am as it was so dark with heavy rain and thick cloud cover - not a single glimpse of sunshine today. The really dreich conditions lasted all day with further damp weather - tomorrow could be wet too and a very changeable outlook with the potential for snow being downgraded. A white christmas doesn't look likely but it isn't impossible - at least it'll be drier and cooler.

23rd December:

The mildest day of the winter 11C/7C and started off grey but there were some pockets of brightness and some clear patches developed but also some very heavy showers with a fast moving and constantly changing sky. Right now it's quite calm with some clear patches with the stars in view. The unsettled theme should continue but the specific details will vary so it's quite an active outlook.

24th December - Christmas Eve:

I wish you all a Merry Christmas time at the most wonderful time of the year. However flooding problems continue across the UK in what has been possibly the poorest weather in the run-up to Christmas I've seen in a while. Today was mostly grey to start with and also some rain too but a few hours before midnight, it's a more festive scene with a fairly calm and a partly clear night with some thin clouds with an orange glow and a lovely shinning moon and the wet rooftops reflecting it's light. Temperatures today was 8/4C. Christmas Day could be colder, possibly some precipitation but much drier than of late and beyond the unsettled outlook continues but there's always a room for variability regarding weather beyond a couple of days. Nevertheless, tomorrow is Christmas and hopefully it'll be an enjoyable one for all.

25th December - Christmas Day:

Merry Christmas everyone! Well, this year it wasn't a white one with maxima/minima of 7/3C but it was a decent day - quite fresh with plenty of showers as weather conditions fluctuated throughout the day but there was some very pleasant weather in the evening with the low wintry sunshine and colours. And it was a quiet day weatherwise with some pleasant and scenic clear periods and some periods of showers. Recently it was a fantastic clear night sky with the moon and stars visible and thin, almost see-through clouds scattered in the sky moving quickly from the west and the sort of clouds that look more like smoke. However the changeable nature of the weather today, we now have an orange sky over Glasgow as another shower arrives and as it clears right now it's a return to the clear conditions of a minutes ago. So a quiet and a nice Christmas Day weatherwise with conditions switching and changing between showers and clearer periods. The weather should be unsettled and changeable for a while and perhaps high pressure might increase from the south for the New Year?

26th December - Boxing Day:

It was a grey, benign day with average temperatures of 6/1C. A band of rain arrived earlier in the evening and has brought some snow to parts of Scotland and also some snow showers further north. Nothing wintry here and right now it's overcast but I can see the ghostly glow of the moon through the cloud cover.

27th December:

The coldest day for a while, the maxima/minima currently at 4/1C but also the first snow day for a while. It was another grey day but a wintry looking sky. The front that brought rain later last night was pushed out to the west but the band moved back towards Scotland in the afternoon. As I was playing tennis in the freezing cold breeze it started snowing lightly and for about an hour there was a pleasant snowfall that turned quite heavy for a while. It never settled other than a very light dusting on some of the grassy areas but it was nice to see snow again and to have it in the second half of the month was also good considering how that never happened last December. Tonight should see heavy rain from a front moving in from the south west and tomorrow should be milder then followed by a cool showery spell and then high pressure moving north could bring some settled conditions - especially in the south. The possible SSW for early January could make for further potential for greater winter conditions into the new year. Certainly December has been a decent winter month.

28th December:

A mild day with temperatures of 12/3C and also a grey day with some rain and notably a windy day too. It's now turning quite wild outside and gales are expected in the north west. Tomorrow could be a showery and a fresh day with a possible snowfall tomorrow night. A wee bit beyond into the New Year and there could be a period of high pressure close to the British Isles but generally mild conditions.

29th December:

Quite wild conditions in the early hours whilst benign, calm and overcast conditions continue throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. However things did clear up somewhat in the afternoon in the cooler westerly flow with only a few scattered clouds rolling across the sky during the wintry sunset in the afternoon. Some showers arrived in the evening with hail and the wind picked up a bit too but it's been dry and currently is dry with the sky alternating between clear intervals and period of cloud cover. Very mild in the early hours with 12C at Glasgow airport but the temperature in the evening dropped to 4C. There could be further showers overnight with a chance of snow. The atlantic should arrive later tomorrow but colder conditions could briefly arrive for New Year's Eve before milder weather returns for the start of the New Year.

30th December:

A cold start with a low of 2C at Glasgow Airport. Showers continued to feed in from the west and at 2am it was certainly snowing for a time but later in the morning the showers turned more to rain and as they arrived in organised bands there was some good periods of quite heavy rainfall. And also fairly windy too. It was mostly cloudy all day with just a few occasions in the early afternoon when it looked like it was going to clear up. It was also quit cold for much of the day but now the temperatures are into double figures as a front arrives from Ireland and there have been periods of rain throughout today. For the last day of 2012 it looks like being quite wet and cloudy to begin with before colder air follows behind later and there could be some wintry showers for parts of Scotland. Then things start to become settled but Scotland is still vulnerable to atlantic fronts and should be mostly mild. However, the predicted SSW and other current trends could mean that this high pressure may find itself at more northern latitudes -aka Greenland - and there is the potential for something significant later in January.

31st December - New Year's Eve:

It was wet and mild to during the early hours and morning with a maximum temperature of 10C. The front cleared but some cloud cover lingered into the early afternoon but the sky cleared for a one last sunset for 2012 and it was a wonderful wintry sunset with red cirrus clouds and a great wintry tint of blue in the sky. The temperature dropped in the cooler northwesterly but there were a few showers and some of which fell as snow in central Scotland but I didn't observe clear-cut snow. It's quite chilly, currently 2C at Glasgow airport so I don't think there'll be an air frost there during remaining hour of 2012. Looking out the window not too long ago it was a lovely winter's night with a starry sky and hopefully to start the New Year there will be some snow in those showers. But it will become milder but more settled in the first week of January but things should become really interesting as we progress through January. 2012 has been a strange year for weather it could have been better but let's take a look back: January was mild and unsettled to begin with and there was an incredible storm on the 3rd. It was settled, cold and frosty mid-month before becoming unsettled again. January did become colder towards the end and the cold conditions lasted into the first third of February. However February ended wet and mild. March was very mild overall and a very dry towards and end but many will remember it for the exceptional warm spell in late March with records broken. April was a contrast with a snowfall in early April and much of the month was cold and quite unsettled. And the cold and unsettled weather prevailed into May before there was another amazing heatwave in late May with the warmest temperature of the year 27C. June was really poor for summer weather and so was July but there were a few decent moments. August was the best month with quite warm weather during the first two thirds before it turned quite cold at the end. September started off fairly pleasant but it fairly mixed and there were some cold days and also some stormy and very wet weather. October was cold and frosty with alternating wet and dry periods and a snowfall at the end of the month. November started off showery, fresh and frosty but wetter and milder weather prevailed during the middle of the month. But November ended on a cold note and snowiest and the coldest weather of the year persisted from late November into the first half of December with snow lying for around a week in early December. However, despite the very decent start, much wetter and unsettled weather has been present in the final two thirds with problems with flooding. A milder end too but there have been a couple of snowfalls. December has been a month of two halves but overall a decent winter month. That's it for 2012 - and here's to a great new year! After this year's weather, we're all intruiged to see what 2013 has instore!


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