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January and February 2013 Forecast



[b]Barry's January & February Forecast[/b]

A similar theme of Atlantic dominated weather will continue into January, temperatures in the south will be between 8-11C, while in the north temperatures will be between 6-9C. Rainfall will widely be above average, causing more flooding in places, especially in the south west.

Into the middle of January, temperatures will be slightly below average as air comes from a more Northerly direction, in the south temperatures will range from 5-7C and 2-5C in the north. Rainfall will be around average if not below. There will be hill snow in the North, mostly rain at low levels in the North, but occasional wintery showers will fall, especially to the North-East of the UK.

As we approach the last week of January, temperatures will be well below average as the wind comes from a more North-Easterly direction. In the south, temperatures will range from 1-3C and 0-2C in the North. Rainfall will be below average during this period. Wintery showers and some snow will fall in the south, especially in the East. Some sleet but mainly snow will fall in the North, especially to higher ground and to the East. Western parts of the country will still see some rain but mainly wintery showers, a few cm's of snow will fall here though.

As we approach the 1st week of February, a similar theme will continue, temperatures in the south will range from 1-2C and struggle to get above freezing in the North. Rainfall will continue to be below average. Sleet/Snow will continue in the south, mainly snow in the North for most parts even down to lower levels, western coasts may be the exception getting rain/sleet.

As we approach the 2nd week of February, temperatures will recover to around average in the south, while still being slightly below in the North. Rainfall will also return to more normal levels. Snow will be restricted to NE Scotland and higher ground in the North.

From mid February onwards confidence is low, but temperatures will probably be slightly above average, as Atlantic dominated weather returns. Temperatures in the south will be around 9-11C and 7-10C in the North. Rainfall will be around average or slightly above.

[b]In conclusion, a cold spell during the last week of January and 1st week of February will bring snow to most of the UK, heaviest in Eastern parts of the country. During the 2nd week of February the snow will thaw and temperatures will recover to average/above for the rest of Winter.[/b]


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