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Alps Weather Blog 18th January 2013




The past week has been very cold over much of Europe and there has been fresh snow over the Alps over this period. However with winds coming from a SW direction over the weekend, tuning a bit milder at least for a time. However turning back colder again for the start-middle part of next week.

[b]Synoptic Charts [/b]

The charts shown are based on the GFS run of 12Hz on Friday 18th Jan.

There is Low Pressure over Northern Scandinavia and generally over the Northern latitudes, apart from a Surface High over Greenland (1024mb) with deep low pressure over. There is low pressure over Northern America and Iceland. There is low pressure over SE Europe and the Azores High is displaced further south than normal. There is High Pressure (1024mb) centred over Western Scandinavia feeding very cold Easterlies over the UK, Northern Europe including the Alps and Southern Scandinavia. Over Western parts of the UK there is a SE feed where the cold air has met a Atlantic front, this has led to heavy snow over many parts more especially over Southern and Western parts of the UK.
[attachment=155367:18 Jan Actual.JPG]

[b]Sat 19 Jan [/b]
The Scandinavian High pressure moves slightly NW strengthening height to the North of the UK still bringing cold Easterly winds over the UK, parts of Northern Europe, and Northern parts of the Alps. The other change of note is a Low Pressure system to the North of the Azores moves Eastwards into France, and to the Eastern flank of this low pressure, there are SW winds feeding in some much milder weather for Western parts of the Alps.
[attachment=155467:19 Jan.JPG]

[b]Sun 20 Jan [/b]
High Pressure over Western Scandinavia, but with high pressure building towards Greenland, keeping very cold air over the UK and Scandinavia. Low Pressure over Eastern Scandinavia, Low pressure over the Atlantic, encroaching the UK from the west. The Azores high remains displaced to the south,. Low pressure over France feeding mild SW winds now over much of the Alps and into Mainland Northern Europe however a part of this system will move Eastwards towards SE England, giving some snow here.
[attachment=155466:20 Jan.JPG]

[b]Monday 21 Jan[/b]
High Pressure over Western Scandinavia, forming a block up towards Greenland, An area of Low Pressure from the Atlantic pushes over Southern and Western parts of the UK, giving another potential snow event for the UK, temps over the UK, now mixed out and this also applies for much of the Western mainland Europe. Low Pressure over Eastern Europe giving NE winds for Eastern parts of the Alps, however this looks a warm feed at this stage.
[attachment=155465:Jan 21.JPG]

[b]Tuesday 22 Jan[/b]
High Pressure over Western Scandinavia, still forms a block up towards Greenland, There is a main area of low pressure over the Atlantic with another offshoot close to the UK, this is set to give unsettled conditions over the UK and perhaps more snowfall. At this stage low pressure over central parts of Europe including the Alps with cool conditions here.
[attachment=155464:22 Jan.JPG]

[b]Wednesday 23 Jan into Friday 25 Jan[/b]
After this stage model disagreement again, it seems likely that the High Pressure over Scandinavia will dissipate, however the ECM tends to suggest there will still be cold air over much of Europe with low pressure and an Easterly feed, this would also keep things cold for the Alps. The GFS is more progressive in bringing the Atlantic in, this would mean milder SW winds for the UK by the Friday and slowly returning milder conditions over the Alps.
[attachment=155463:23 Jan.JPG]
[attachment=155462:24 Jan.JPG]
[attachment=155461:25 Jan.JPG]

[b]Alps Detail [/b]

[b]Sat 19 Jan [/b]
Any precipitation in the east drying away quickly overnight, with some patchy precipitation in the far west for a time in the morning, but more general precipitation edges in the far west (Snow Level 1800m) and for Italy later (SL 200-400m).

Freezing Levels French Alps 2100m, Switzerland 1200m (E) to 2100m (SW) Austria 0m (NE) to [s])[/s]1500m (SW), Italy 1200m generally, Germany 300m-900m
[attachment=155528:Alps 19 Jan.JPG]

[b]Sun 20 Jan [/b]
Precipitation continuing across Italy in the morning (SL), but dry elsewhere to start, but spreading northwards into French Alps and Switzerland, and possibly SW Austria for the evening.
Freezing Levels French Alps 1600-1800m, Italy 1200m (W)-2000m(E), Austria 300m (N)-2700m (Central and South) Switzerland 1500m (South Central) -2100m(E)
[attachment=155527:Alps 20 Jan.JPG]

[b]Monday 21 Jan[/b]
Precipitation continuing overnight but becoming concentrated in Austria, with patchy showers elsewhere over the Alps during the day, snow levels 1000-1500m over Austria but start but dropping to around 400m-600m by evening.
Freezing Levels French Alps 700-900m, Italy 1400m (W)-1600m(E), Austria 400m (N)-2100m and dropping during day (SE) Switzerland 700m (NW) -1600m (SE)
[attachment=155526:Alps 21 Jan.JPG]

[b]Tuesday 22 Jan[/b]
Showery outbreaks of precipitation to start the day but becoming more isolated and lighter during the evening. Most of the snow will fall to resort level during the day,
Freezing Levels French Alps 700-1000m, Italy 800m (general)-1200m(W), Austria 300m (NE)-1000m(SW) Switzerland 700m (NW) -1000m (SE)
[attachment=155525:Alps 22 Jan.JPG]

[b]Wednesday 23 Jan into Friday 25 Jan[/b]
A lot of uncertainty at the moment, but probably staring quite cold for Wednesday and Thursday with maximum freezing levels of 600-900m generally, but closer to 1000-1400m for NW Italy, fringing SE Switzerland. A few showers seem likely for Wednesday but drier for Thursday.
Perhaps a little milder on Friday with a few more in the way of showers.


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