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Factors affecting a lack of snowfall in Embra city (blogged from the thread, for future reference perhaps)



[quote name='LomondSnowstorm' date='13 February 2013 - 16:14 ' timestamp='1360772050' post='2607974']
[quote name='by-tor' timestamp='1360771157' post='2607928']
No entirely sure I understand all the factors in the Edinburgh snowshield but it definitely exists. We came back down the A9 from Boat of Garten earlier, heavy snow in poor visibility almost all the way until we got close to the north side of the Forth Road bridge. On the Embra side, visibility vastly improved, rain, and even on the higher parts of the bypass, in some places snow was completely absent.

Some kind of recurring geographical, topographical, micro-climatological thing going on there but whatever it is, its bloody effective at turning snaw into naw.
I think it's a mix of factors, including:
1) Urban Heat Island Effect
2) Coastal modification off the Forth and the North Sea during an easterly flow
3) topographical issues - being in the lee of the Pentlands and the Lammermuirs means precipitation totals are significantly lower than the surroundings with southerly wind vectors.
4) The same issues with northerlies that the rest of the central belt and mid Scotland has aka the Grampians.
5) proximity to sea level, certainly for the middle of the town and up towards Leith and Western parts too to an extent.
Its site may have done a good job of keeping the English out during the middle ages but it also does a very good job of keeping the snow out. Somewhere between an east and northeasterly wind is probably the ideal setup for here, which is actually the same for Freuchie, but without some of the added hang ups listed above.

Source: [url="http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/75835-scotland-regional-discussion-050213-08/page__view__findpost__p__2607974"]Scotland Regional Discussion 05/02/13 08 -------->[/url]

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As with previous winters, my observations this year are that we need -8ºC uppers or colder to achieve lying snow in the city centre and down into Leith. Simply hasn't happened this year, and for all the reasons listed above (moderation by the sea being the No.1 factor imho).
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