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Alps Weather Blog 1st March 2013



[b][font=Arial","sans-serif]Alps Summary[/font][/b]

http://www.snow-forecast.com/overviews/tips_full Excellent skiing conditions remain, however milder temps in recent day mean that the best conditions are over higher slope. Settled water means quite a bit of sunshine over the weekend with some rising temps, conditions better for skiing than for long term snow retention.

[b]Synoptic Summary[/b]

The weekend starts with high Pressure over the UK, 1028mb, with an Easterly flow over the Alps, slowly over the weekend the High pressure starts to edge further to the South and East, with the winds over the Alps starting to veering more to the South/ South Easterly.

[attachment=162747:2 Mar.JPG]

[attachment=162746:4 Mar.JPG]

This process continuing into next week, with High pressure over Eastern Europe and milder Southerly or South Easterly winds over the Alps.

By the end of next week, winds more southerly and pressure lowering so more unsettled conditions over the Alps, with the heaviest of any precipitation always towards more southern areas, more sheltered northern areas staying drier.

[attachment=162745:6 Mar.JPG]

[attachment=162744:8 Mar.JPG]

[font=Arial","sans-serif][b][font=Arial","sans-serif]Sat 2 March[/font][/b][/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif]A Mostly dry start to Saturday with Easterly winds on the South Eastern flank over High Pressure centred over the UK. It should be very cold over the Northern parts of the Alps, a bit milder to the South. The settled theme continues through Saturday and it should be dry throughout. [/font]

[font=Arial","sans-serif]Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 600-1200m, French Alps 1000-2200m (NW to SE), Switzerland 800-2200m (N to S), Italian Alps 1000-2200m (E to W), Austria 600m-2000m (NE to SW)[/font]

[attachment=162743:2 Mar Alps.JPG]

[font=Arial","sans-serif][b][font=Arial","sans-serif]Sun 3 March[/font][/b]
Again rather settled with SE to E winds, with High Pressure over the UK and NW Europe. Rather dry and settled but slightly less cold with the change in wind direction.

Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 1200-2000m (E to W), French Alps and Switzerland 2000-2000m, Italian Alps 1800-2000m, Austria 1000m-2000m (NE to SW)[/font]

[attachment=162742:3 Mar Alps.JPG]

[font=Arial","sans-serif][b][font=Arial","sans-serif]Mon 4 March[/font][/b][/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif]Remaining mostly settled with Southerly winds as the High Pressure moves to the east. So dry and with the change in wind direction, slightly milder again.

Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 1800-2400m, French Alps 2200-2400m, Switzerland 2000-2400m (generally), Italian Alps 1800-2200m, Austria 700m-2400m (E to W)[/font]

[attachment=162741:4 Mar Alps.JPG]

[font=Arial","sans-serif][b][font=Arial","sans-serif]Tue 5 March[/font][/b][/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif]Again southerly winds as the High Pressure pushes progressively further east over Europe, however this does mean lower pressure can start to edge into the west. Mostly dry to start, but some precipitation for the evening for France and North West Italy.

Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 2600-2800m, French Alps 1800-2600m (SW to NE), Switzerland 1600-2600m (S to N), Italian Alps 1600-2000m, Austria 1400m (South Central) and 2000-2400m elsewhere[/font]

[attachment=162740:5 Mar Alps.JPG]

[font=Arial","sans-serif][b][font=Arial","sans-serif]Wed 6 March[/font][/b][/font]

[font=Arial","sans-serif]Dry to start over most areas, but overnight precipitation has moved into Northern Italy and fringes southern parts of both Switzerland and Austria. This precipitation largely stays in the same place during the afternoon, so the only appreciable snowfall likely in Italy above around 1200-1400m. Dry for the French Alps, Germany and most of Switzerland and Austria. [/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif]Freezing Level (noon) Southern Germany 2600-2800m, French Alps 1600-2500m (SW to NE), Switzerland 1500-2600m (S to N), Italian Alps 1400-1800m, Austria 1600m (South Central) and 2400-3300m elsewhere[/font]

[attachment=162739:6 Mar Alps.JPG]

[b][font=Arial","sans-serif]7 March and 8 March [/font][/b]

[font=Arial","sans-serif]Southerly winds looking likely towards the end of next week, with some lowish pressure and such looking mostly unsettled with the chance of some precipitation at times. The heaviest of any precipitation always towards the southern half of the Alps, looking a bit drier further north. [/font]
[font=Arial","sans-serif]Freezing Levels for Thursday and Friday, not showing that much of a spread, generally in the range 1800-2200m [/font]

[attachment=162738:7 Mar Alps.JPG] [attachment=162737:8 Mar Alps.JPG]


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