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Weather guide Easter Monday/ April Fools' Day to Sunday 7th April 2013 (West Wales and the Midlands)



[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4][b]Headline: Mostly dry with sunny spells; quite cold with night frosts[/b]

So ends the coldest March since at least 1962, and the coldest month of 'Winter'. This fact all the more remarkable as we had a fairly cold Winter, this the first time March has been colder than a colder than average Winter since 1786 for Central England! Here in West Wales there were only small amounts of snow through March, although some sleet or snow fell on 13 days. It has been very snowy for Warwickshire, and the temperature at Coventry has not been above 5c since Thursday 21st, a prolonged spell of exceptional cold for the late March. Last Sunday was one of the latest ever Ice Days for Coventry with a high of -0.4c. Daytimes were not as cold here in West Wales, but there have been some very low night temperatures, with -8.4c at dawn on Thursday, and then -7c on Saturday morning and -6.6c this Easter Sunday morning (incidentally Braemar in Scotland has recorded the coldest ever UK Easter Sunday at -12.4c). It is though notable how quickly the temperature recovers after dawn with the strong sunshine, it was up to +2c by 9am here a rise of over 8c in 2 hours. At least it has been a mainly dry week, and we are set to have another mainly dry week ahead, but on the cold side for early April with frosts expected on each night, although as we will be into April and the sun is gaining strength, not as cold as this past week. Spring limping into action as Winter starts to lose it's grip but at least the Daffs are out!

Our high pressure that has blocked the mild Atlantic for so long is centred north of Scotland until mid week, so the mostly dry and decidedly chilly/ cold spell continues. Low pressure is squeezing into the high on Monday so a fresh to strong SE wind to start the week, especially windy West Wales. Sunny spells for most places and predominantly dry, just the odd wintry shower possible for the East Midlands. Maxima on Monday in the 5 to 8c range, and it almost goes without saying that the nights will be seeing sharp Spring frosts throughout the week, and as the winds lessens mid week. Some rather severe frosts again, locally down to -6c. Tuesday another dry day, lighter winds so temperatures a touch higher reaching 7 to 9c, and not feeling too bad with the sunny spells. By Wednesday a similar story with the easterly wind bringing air from a still thoroughly chilled Eastern Europe. Feeling cold again in the breeze on Wednesday in spite of the sunny spells, temperatures well below average reaching 6 to 9c, and generally dry once more, just a few wintry showers getting into the Midlands from off the North Sea.
[attachment=167402:PPVJ89 r cold dry Tues.png][attachment=167403:h850t850eu Tues r cold m dry frosts.png][attachment=167404:ecmt850.072 slack E sharp frosts few wintry showers Wed.png]

Winds turn more NE on Thursday so certainly not the warmer direction that we may be desperate for! Thursday and Friday quite a fresh NE wind blows bringing some wintry showers (rain, sleet or snow) mostly to the Midlands, while many places remain dry. Bright with some decent sunny spells, and West Wales may be fairly sunny later in the week, so not feeling too cold here out of the wind. Highest temperatures for Thursday and Friday a cool 7 to 9c, the highest readings for coastal West Wales where it is sunniest. Further frosts overnight, lows between -1c and -4c.
[attachment=167405:PPVO89 Chill NE some wintry showers Thu.png][attachment=167406:ecmt850.120 chill NE some wintry showers Fri.png][attachment=167407:h850t850eu cool NE Fri few showers.png]

High pressure close by next weekend but still the air is cool. Generally dry with plenty of sunshine but again some sharp frosts by night, as low as -5c in places. Daytime temperatures on the mend and eventually by Sunday we could hit the dizzy heights of 10c (although still below average!).[/size][/font]


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