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Alps Weather Blog 5th April



As we move slowly towards the end of Winter 2012-13, I will continue to do blogs on the 5th, 12th and 19th of April, However they will be slightly shorter than previously and concentrate more on the specific Alps weather rather than the synoptic charts.

[b]Alps Condition[/b]

As we move into April, it is natural that we will see spring snow conditions especially over lower slope. Into the next week, and height is very much important, moderate rainfall is possible this week on lower slopes but snowfall expected from mid slopes upwards.


[b]Synoptic Summary[/b]

High pressure over Greenland with low pressure over the Atlantic and over much of Europe with low pressure cells over Western Russia and Central Italy, feeding cold NE winds over the Alps.

[attachment=167789:5 Apr ACT.JPG] [attachment=167788:6 Apr.JPG]

Not much change to start the weekend but low pressure attempts to push in from the South West by Sunday, but still a cold NE flow over the Alps.
By Monday Low pressure has nudged in over Southern parts of the UK, on a low pressure system stretching way out into the Atlantic, wind direction switching to more of a SW flow over the Alps, and turning mode unsettled as it does , temps slowly rising over the Alps.

[attachment=167787:8 Apr.JPG]

Low Pressure moving east across Northern and Central parts of Europe with some quite unsettled conditions over the Alps, with moderate snowfallws over high slopes.

[attachment=167786:10 Apr.JPG]

Towards next weekend signs of Tropical Maritime flow setting up with High Pressure over Central Europe with a dreaded Bartlettesque style setup, with mild conditions set to continue well into next weekend.
[attachment=167785:12 Apr.JPG]

[b]Alps Detail[/b]

[b]Sat 6 Apr[/b]
Any overnight precipitation tending to fade away quite quickly by morning. However showers again tending to develop during the afternoon for Southern parts o f the Alps as far north as Central Austria and Switzerland. A north South split in the temperatures, Freezing Level (3pm) Southern Germany 1200m-1400m, French Alps 1400-2000m (NW to SE), Switzerland 1400-2100m (NW to S), Italian Alps 1800m-2000m, SW Austria 1600m-2000m, NE Austria 600m-800m

[attachment=167769:6 Apr Alps.JPG]

[b]Sun 7 Apr[/b]
A few showers overnight these tending to concentrate in Eastern areas by morning, more especially for Western Austria and SE Germany, this pattern continuing into the afternoon, some showers possibly anywhere for Eastern areas but drying away everywhere by mid evening. Freezing Level (3pm) Southern Germany 1000m-1400m, French Alps 1400-2000m (NW to SE), Switzerland 1300-2000m (NW to S), Italian Alps 1600m-2000m, SW Austria 1600m-1800m, NE Austria 600m-800m

[attachment=167768:7 Apr Alps.JPG]

[b]Mon 8 Apr[/b]
A cold start, dry generally but some precipitation over Western Italy, fringing France and Switzerland, dry elsewhere, the precipitation tending to become quite heavy and widespread by afternoon extending into Western Germany, the far west of Austria, the French Alps, Switzerland and the western half of Italy. This continuing all through the evening and overnight and only slowly dying out from the west by morning with some moderate snowfalls possible to reasonable levels. (10-15cm in places)
Freezing Level (3pm) Southern Germany 1200m-1700m, French Alps 1500-1900m (NW to SE), Switzerland 1500-1800m (NW to S), Italian Alps 1400m-1800m, Austria 1200m-1800m (NE to SW)

[attachment=167767:8 Apr Alps.JPG]

[b]Tue 9 Apr[/b]
Some precipitation over Central Alps in the morning, this fading away has another areas of precipitation edges in from the west. This giving heavy precipitation for France and Switzerland initially but spreading eastwards so that by afternoon. Heavy precipitation covers much of the Alps with the exception of Austria where it is likely to remain dry. However by the evening, some precipitaion is possibly ever over Austria. Again decent snowfall accumulation possible.
Freezing Level (3pm) Southern Germany 1700m-1800m, French Alps 1500-1800m (NW to SE), Switzerland 1500-1800m (NW to S), Italian Alps 1600m-1800m, Austria 1700m-1900m (NE to SW)

[attachment=167766:9 Apr Alps.JPG]

[b]Wed 10 Apr[/b]
Again precipitation continues over the Alps overnight, this time more concentrated in the Central belt, but tending to become widespread by afternoon but not as heavy as previous days.

Freezing Level (3pm) Southern Germany 1200m-1400m, French Alps 1400-1800m, Switzerland 1300-1900m (NW to SE), Italian Alps 1800m-2000m, Austria 1500m-1800m (NE to SW)
[attachment=167765:10 Apr Alps.JPG]

[b]11 April[/b] [b]and 12 April[/b]
At this stage the indications of the mostly unsettled start to the week may come to an end as it set to turn much drier from the west. Turning progressively milder though with freezing level by Friday 2000m in the East and 2500m in the west.

[attachment=167784:11 Apr Alps.JPG]
[attachment=167783:12 Apr Alps.JPG]

Altitude is often very important in Skiing but never so much as this week, many resorts and lower slopes may well see an abundance of rain, with 20-30cm of snow possibly for slopes, say about 1600m, however signs towards next weekend of Spring well and truly arriving in the Alps with high Freezing levels, however to be fair it will be Mid April by then.


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