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My Weather Diary of May 2013

A Winter's Tale


1st May: May is one of the finest months of the year with warm Spring sunshine, quite long days, usually fairly dry but prone to thunderstorms and some unsettled weather. Usually the first proper tastes of summer weather arrive at this time of year but also the last of the chilly Spring days and cold nights and even some wintriness. Last year, the first two-thirds was very chilly for the time of year - with some snow - and there was some heavy rainfall too but towards the end of the month there was a fantastic and fairly long spell of dry and warm weather with temperatures at Glasgow airport as high as 27C and the warmest ever Scottish May temperature was recorded with a high above 30C in the highlands. May 2013 follows on from one of the most unusual Springs with an exceptional March with a prolonged and potent taste of winter weather. April 2013 started on a notably chilly note, Spring growth finally began to slowly get underway as the snow on the Campsies melted away. The remainder of the month was still of a chilly variety of Spring weather with a mixture of sunny/wet spells. Vegetation growth and nature is behind schedule but at least the countryside somewhat looks a bit more like Spring compared to back in March. Today saw plenty of glorious sunshine and blue skies, although it was cloudy start with some rain. The maximum temperature was 12C which is probably about right for early May but this evening and tonight the stars are out, there is barely a wind and at the airport the minimum temperature was 2C which makes for a chilly May night. In Shetland, there was snow today which continues the chilly May theme since 2010. A cold night is on the way with perhaps the last air frost of a long season which started in late September. A front should bring a prolonged spell of rain to Scotland during the next couple of days and it looks like it will stay chilly for the first days of May 2013. It isn't unusual for the last of the Spring chilly air to be present in early May, but I would presume that things may eventually warm up but for now, the nature of what this month could end up as remains unknown.

2nd May: A particularly cold night for late Spring/May with a low of 0C under clear skies at Glasgow airport - surely the last air frost of the season. The maximum temperature was 13C but it was a cloudy day with some rain from a front that was mainly situated to the north west and for parts of the highlands maximum temperatures barely got above 5C at some spots and there was some snow to low levels which is quite amazing but of course May is a Spring month and isn't immune from a bit of wintry and chilly weather but this has been a very long season for chilly weather and this Spring has been notably chilly. And the chilly theme to Spring 2013 looks like staying for the next few days with some more rain at times. But as we near summer and the longest day of the year then surely we should progress and properly enter into the season of warmth and summer weather, hopefully sometime this month!

3rd May: A truly diabolical day for May. Max/min 12/6C but it was dull, dark and driech! Overcast skies and some heavy rain combined with a bit of wind made it feel and look like autumn. The front even brought snow to some locations in northern Scotland which has now cleared away and skies are mostly cloudy with some clear patches spread out across the sky, rather calm too. A chilly night is ahead but things might turn a bit milder in the coming days, the rain shouldn't be as persistent as the past 24hrs but for Scotland, especially western parts there is a higher risk ol spells of damp and dull weather.

4th May: Not as bad as the previous day or two, but it was very cold with a maximum of only 10C and a chilly overnight low of 2C. A little bit of a chill in the breeze as well. A mostly cloudy day too with some drizzle and light rain making for rather dull conditions. On a drive across the area situated to the north of the Campsies I noticed that there is still a few small snow patches left on the northern side of the hills - quite similar to Spring 2010. As I've said before nature somewhat resembles a bit of Spring after that very wintry and cold March but it still looks and feels a bit weird. Maximum temperature barely reaching 10C, overcast skies and unspectacular Spring growth resembles autumn rather than May. A little bit milder in the next few days but hardly spectacular and not too much sunshine to talk about either.

5th May: Despite being a dull and overcast day with a little spell of rain earlier, it was the warmest day of the year with a high of 16C at Glasgow airport and a min of 7C. But in eastern Scotland it was also the warmest day of the year with 21C maximum at Fyvie Castle. It is overcast here now and a weather front situated across north western parts of the British Isles should bring some rain overnight and into tomorrow. Tuesday should be an improvement and could be the warmest day of the year so far, potential highs of 18C in the Glasgow areas but after that it turns a bit more unsettled.

6th May: Rather uninspiring with some further cloud cover and light rain at times but now it is a calm and mostly clear night other than thin cloud cover towards to the south east. Maximum of 14C, minimum of 9C. Tomorrow could be a landmark day for 2013 with potentially the first 20C of the year at Glasgow airport and at last there should be some sunshine but it may not last though - turning unsettled thereafter.

7th May: After the first warmth of 2013 in north east Scotland on the 5th, today was the warmest day of the year so far with widespread sunshine and lovely May/summer warmth across many parts of the British Isles. Here, Glasgow airport recorded a high of 22C, which is the warmest temperature of 2013, the first 20C of the year too and it follows a prolonged period of cold weather of the 2012/2013 season with 20C last recorded on the 21st August 2012. It started off on a chilly note with a low of 3C during the early hours. A glorious morning with barely a cloud in the sky but as the temperature rose clouds started to bubble up in the afternoon which created a hazy look to the sky. At the airport, the temperature was at or above 20C from 2.20pm to 7.50pm and it was a lovely May evening with plenty of sunshine and warmth making for a pleasant spell out in the garden. Sadly a front is moving northwards tonight and unsettled and cooler weather should arrive in time for my birthday tomorrow. However, today did remind me of glorious May days of previous years and days such a today are different from the sort of heat and light during the summer. Having said that, in previous years early May has brought chilly, blustery and showery conditions which is of course another face of the sort of weather we can expect at this time of year. During the coming days, this side to late Spring weather could return with low pressure taking control.

8th May: A front moving north brought grey skies and a period of rain during the morning and into the afternoon. However, it dried up in the evening with a few clear patches and around dusk I believe skies were clear. Today's max/min of 14/9C. Unsettled over the coming days with some rain tomorrow followed by some showers.

9th May: There was more cloud cover, grey skies and damp conditions today, especially during the evening. Now it is dry, calm but mostly cloudy. Today's maximum and minimum was 12/5C. Tomorrow should see similar temperatures but perhaps brighter with some more showers but Saturday is looking like a dull and damp day.

10th May: Thankfully growth is now underway with the trees and grass but today's was more likely early Spring or autumn rather than a third of the way through May. Maximum temperature 12C, and a low of 4C and some pretty damp and dull conditions reminded me of some days during the chilly and wet first part of May last year. It did clear up a bit later in the evening with some showers but with the ground so damp, chilly looking sky and temperature of only 6/7C, it didn't really feel or look like the time of year. Tomorrow, it's another wet day but it may brighten up in the afternoon but after that some more rain is likely in the coming days, staying unsettled and cool for the time of year.

11th May: A cold day for a third of the way through May (!) at 10/5C. Like the past few days it was very miserable in the morning with grey skies and rain. In the evening however, it became a bit clearer with a decent May sunset and night. Staying cold and unsettled for the time of year in the coming days.

12th May: A pretty dull day overall with some rain and grey overcast skies for much of the day, however during the evening at last there were intervals of clear evening skies. Just now, it's calm, quite cool and partly clear. A showery, windy and cold day to come tomorrow. Still looking unsettled and cool for the coming days. Like last year, early May has been particulary unsettled and chilly and recently there has been some pretty cloudy and wet days in what is normall a decen time for weather in Scotland. Of course all of this follows on from the cold conditions of March and April. A really different Spring this year.

13th May: More like early Spring/late winter than the middle of May!! What a strange month and season it has been. Today's temps 10/2C (brrrr). Sunshine, quite blustry with showers in passing cumulonimbus clouds. It felt like March or February and there was a fresh covering of snow on the top of the Campsies this morning - possibly the latest fresh snow cover on the hills since I can remember. A pretty windy night so far, showery tomorrow.

14th May: Quite similar to yesterday wih cold air over the British Isles. Here, it was a day of sunshine, blue skies and passing showers - some more persistent rain earlier in the morning. As the day progressed showers beame fewer and skies became even clearer in the evening. Currently, it's a nice, calm, clear but cold May night. Tomorrow, here in western Scotland it should be brighter whilst the front currently bringing miserable conditions to southern parts of England is moving further north. Staying unsettled...

15th May: The past few days have seen an 'improvement' from some of the wet and dull conditions of May so far. Today, there was barely a shower of rain and there was glorious Spring sunshine and blue skies Still not particular warm at 13/2C. There was barely a cloud in the sky in the late evening sunshine. In parts of England, including Shropshire and Devon, there was some very late season snowfall earlier with some parts waking upto as much as 5CM this morning! It completes a long season for snowfall in the British Isles but now we should be looking forward to summer 2013 and leaving a remarkable 2012/2013 season behind. The next few days may still be unsettled, possibly becoming a bit warmer in 4-5 days time.

16th May: Today's temperatures was 12/3C. A decent May day, a bit on the cool side but there was a decent amount of sunshine, calm and partly/mostly clear conditions. There was just one or two showers. Tonight, it is mostly clear and calm. Tomorrow should be a dry day, Saturday very wet but temperatures perhaps are set to rise a little.

17th May: After a period of grey and wet weather this month, recently there has been a bit more sunshine. Today, it was another mostly sunny and clear day with calm conditions. And a maximum temperature of 17C making for a nice May/early summer day with longer daylight hours now. It was a cold start though with a low of 2C - one ofthe last of the late season chill - but it is milder tonight. However, an area of low pressure is moving in from the east and tomorrow should be a pretty wet day. However, it is a warm front and temperatures should be decent for the time of year and Sunday is looking like a good day.

18th May: Low pressure resulted in a cluster of areas of rainfall moving in from the continent and off the North Sea. As a result today was a alm, but cloudy and quite muggy dat with some periods of rainfall earlier in the afternoon, looking north to the the Trossachs, there were strips of clearer skies and thinner cloud cover, however, just now it is overcast with some rain in Central Scotland. Thankfully, the next few days are looking drier and warmer with 20C possible.

19th May: Max/min of 15/10C (warmer in parts of the highlands, 22C at Altnaharra). A quiet, dry day with some high-level cloud cover which lifted later in the afternoon/evening allowing for a decent looking May evening with partly clear skies. Tomorrow should see 20C in the Glasgow area for a second time this year, possibly some thunderstorms to come with it. Not quite as warm afterwards but some decent weather is possible.

20th May: Joint warmest temperature of the year so far at 22C ( a low of 11C). Second day of 20C this year. It was a humid day, but more than tolerable enough. Not a particulary clear and sunny day with partly clear and hazy skies but it turned a bit darker with the threat of showers. Tonight it is calm, but muggy and a cloudy night. The next few days staying dry and calm but not as warm. It's nice to get some heat in what has been an odd and cold Spring with some final Spring chill lasting into this month. I would have hoped for a May like 2000 or 2008 to kick start the season for summery weather after feeling satisfied from a pretty good winter and early Spring - perhaps a bit excessive the cold weather this Spring, but here's to a good summer.

21st May: A decent, pleasant May day with a high of 17C and low of 7C. It wasn't as humid as yesterday and there was more clearer, blue skies and sunshine with the countryside looking green and summery. Right now, it's a calm, clear, starrty night with the moon out. The coming days should be fairly dry and sunny but cold for the time of year with a very late appearance of the -5C uppers tomorrow - this unusual Spring continues the theme!

22nd May: After the humid warmth of the 20th, yesterday's standard May conditions, today saw more blue skies and sunshine, however the temperatures was lower at 13/5C thanks to a northerly air flow. Lovely white clouds scatered across the clear, cold air. There was a shower later in the evening whereas further north there has been some snow in a few places. The next couple of days, staying cold, possibly warmer for the weeked but it looks like staying dry and bright. Currently it is a lovely clear, calm but chilly, starry and moonlit night.

23rd May: Another decent day, but not quite as good with some cloudier periods, a few showers (some of hail) and a pretty cold day (10/4C) with snow further north. A partly clear, calm evening with occasional glimpses of the moon. Tomorrow slightly better, Saturday quite warm and sunny and Sunday pretty similar before a front moves in on Wednesday.

24th May: A really lovely late Spring/summer's day with plentiful summery sunshine, blue skies with a few cirrus clouds, wounderful bright, summery colours across the sky and landscape with a super, classic summer's evening look between Loch Lomond and Stirling. A big, big moon in the sky (possibly the largest I've ever seen). Not too warm a day at 15/7C. Just now, it is a calm, lear night with the moon out but the air is now a bit hazy. The weekend should see higher temperatures and more sunshine.

25th May: The clear overnight skies saw a chilly minimum of 1C (!). Today continued the bright, sunny and summery look and feel to things with barely a cloud in the blue, summer's sky and feeling warm in the sunshine - maximum of 16C. A fantastic summer's evening too with no clouds, calm conditions. Another big and bright moon tonight. Tomorrow, a weak front may bring some patchy rain and cloud but Monday is looking particulary wet.

26th May: 16/7C temperature wise but weak front brought spells of patchy cloud cover, a little bit of rain. However, in the afternoon and evening there was good periods of clear and sunny skies. It's a little cloudier now witha larger front nearby. Tomorrow looks set to be very wet.

27th May: For much of the day, the conditions were not all that pleasant with grey skies, periods of rain - at times heavy - and also some heavy showers in the evening. Max/min of 13/8C. It did however clear up in the evening with a mostly clear sky at dusk. It is now quieter and a mostly clear night. During the next few days temperatures could be in the mid-teens, possibly some dry conditions aswell.

28th May: A mostly clear day with some rain associated with a band of rain stretching northwards across much of England and over the border. However, during this evening clouds began to thin and break up leaving a clear sky at the latter part of dusk. Tomorrow, it could be quite warm with temperatures in the high teens, mostly dry - cloudier further east. Thursday is looking good too.

29th May: Quite a warm day, but with the influence of a warm front in the east it was fairly cloudy, quite humid with some rainfall in the afternoon and evening at times. Skies started to clear a bit this evening and tonight half the sky is clear with calm conditions and some areas of thin, patchy cloudy cover in the sky, reflecting the orange glow of Glasgow. Tomorrow could be even warmer and sunnier but Friday could be both cloudy and cool.

30th May: Today was a warm Day and it felt quite humid aswell. A bright day but not absolutely clear and sunny in the morning and noon with a few rain showers. It turned out to be a lovely sunny and largely clear afternoon and evening - typically summery. Later around 9-10pm cloud started to roll in over the central belt but it was fairly thin with clearer stripes and pockets. However skies were clearer further west and it was a spectacular sunset overlooking Loch Lomond and the distant mountains from Queen's view. Further east towards Stirling it seemed a bit murky under cloud cover. The cloud cover over the central areas began to dissipitate towards the end of dusk resulting in a clear, but mild night. Tomorrow should be cloudier with the threat of patchy rain thanks to a weak front.

31st May: The last day of Spring 2013. After a cold winter, this Spring has generally been unusually and almost excessively cold wih an exceptional March, a chilly April and some chilly weather this month at times. It has been interesting with some pleasant conditions, but at times this season felt out of snyc with normality. This month has seen a mixture of cold, wet dull days to cool, showery and bright to days and a few warm and sunny days - and a few other varieties too. Today, it was cloudier earlier in the morning - but quite bright. It turned out to be even better in the afternoon and evening than yesterday with lots of sunshine and blue skies. There was not a cloud in the sky this evening and right now it is a calm night with an absolutely clear sky. Tomorrow and Sunday, showery to start June. Maybe settled and a bit warm at the start of next week....


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